What’s a Holiday Without A Model Train from Winks Hobbies Around the Tree?

What’s a Holiday Without A Model Train from Winks Hobbies Around the Tree?

The tradition of a model train around the Christmas tree has been popular in families across the country since the 1800s. Today you can find wonderful model train options for around your Christmas tree at our hobby shop in Ithaca, where you can also buy accessories such as miniature pine trees and buildings to fully set the stage at the base of your Christmas tree. But how did the tradition of model trains around Christmas trees get started?

Christmas Nativities

The tradition in the United States likely started with Moravian immigrants who arrived in the north-eastern U.S. and would set up nativity scenes under model trains at Winks Hobbies Shop in Ithacatheir Christmas trees. As time passed, these became more elaborate each year. By the end of the century, many people were adding local village scenes and replicas of local homes under their trees. Eventually, these town or city ‘scapes included Christmas trains and scenery that became increasingly elaborate. At our Ithaca hobby shop, you can find everything from miniature pine trees to elaborate store fronts for your own Christmas model train tableau.

From Toy Trains to Model Trains

In the late 1800s, toy trains were usually cast iron and push toys made of tin. These were easy to place under Christmas trees, but didn’t run on tracks. When model trains arrived in the early 1900s, families realized they were a great way to add movement to the scenery placed around the base of their holiday trees. Circular tracks meant they could add the light, sound and motion of model trains for added impact. The earliest model trains were rather large, but as smaller gauge trains were created, these became more popular. Today, you can visit our hobby shop in Tompkins County and discover a wide range of model trains in a variety of sizes and styles that are perfect for around your family’s tree.

Why Christmas Model Trains are So Popular

Even though train travel isn’t as common as it once was, families carry on the tradition of model trains under their Christmas tree for a variety of reasons.

Family Activity

Putting together a Christmas model train and setting it up beneath the tree will quickly become a beloved family tradition. Assign specific duties to each member of the family so you can all work together to create an unforgettable Christmas scene beneath your tree. Each year go on a shopping trip to Wink’s Ithaca hobby shop to get a few new elements to add and watch your model train diorama grow over the years.

Combo Gift and Decoration

If you haven’t started your own family tradition with model trains yet, stop by our shop and talk to our knowledgeable staff. They can point you in the direction of a starter model train set that can be a delightful gift for your kids this year they can play with all year round. Then, when Christmas rolls around next year, you can design a gorgeous holiday train scene around your Christmas tree!

Fun for Everyone

Shared family hobbies are always enjoyable, and model trains are one of the best ways to pull the generations together. The model enthusiast can assemble the many parts of the track and put together the train and cars. Does your daughter have an artistic flare? Encourage her to set up the village itself, creating miniature scenes and adding artistic touches. If there’s a history buff in the family, he’ll enjoy researching what’s historically accurate. Grandparents may reminisce about train travel when they were younger. There’s something for everyone under the tree when you set up a Christmas model train and Wink’s Hobbies has everything you need to start your own holiday train tradition.