Find Something You Love at Wink’s Hobby Shop

Find Something You Love at Wink’s Hobby Shop

It’s the month of romance and love. While you’re taking the time to find the perfect gift for someone special in your life, consider finding something for yourself as well. At Wink’s Hobby Shop in Ithaca, we can help you find something you love whatever kind of hobby you’re into. We have model trains, remote control cars, trucks and boats, drones, rockets, and RC helicopters. Whether you love getting the adrenalin pumping in a fast-paced race against other RC hobbyists or you enjoy the pure relaxation of navigating your remote control boat down a lazy stream, you'll find what you need in our shop.hobby shop in Ithaca

Unmatched Selection of Accessories

If you’re already launched on your remote control or model train love affair, a visit to the finest hobby shop in Tompkins County will reveal a wide range of accessories for everything from proper maintenance of your RC cars and trucks to gorgeous set pieces to take your model railroad display to the next level. Do you want to upgrade your RC motor to a brushless version for increased speed and power? We can help. Do you want to add more track and some authentically detailed buildings and trees to our model train setup? We can help.

Knowledgeable Staff

Sometimes you fall in love with a remote control car you see at an event and realize it’s the one you’ve been looking for, but don’t know where to find it. If you can’t find it in our Ithaca hobby shop, our knowledgeable can track it down for you or do a special order.

Not sure what it is you want, but know you've been longing to get started with a hobby you'll love? Talk to one of our staff. They'll ask the right questions to put you on the path to a new and exciting activity you can enjoy for years to come. Are you a speed junky? Do you like assembling and detailing things? Have you always dreamed of launching a rocket? Do you prefer a solitary activity or are you looking for something you can do with that special someone? We’ll help you discover a hobby you’ll love.

Unparalleled Selection

You won’t find another hobby shop in Tompkins County that has a selection that rivals the one at Wink’s Hobby Shop. We’re proud to offer a complete lineup of both Nitro and RC vehicles as well as model train sets and accessories by the best brands in the business. Whatever your price point, we will match you with top quality products by names like Lionel, Duratrax, Flyzone, O’Donnell Racing, Phoenix Aircraft Model, and more.

This February remember those you love with something special. Then visit Wink’s Hobby Shop and find something you love for yourself as well. You may discover that the perfect gift is right here, waiting for you to discover and share with someone you love. Or just drop a few hints to your significant other about where to shop for a romantic gift that’s a perfect fit without having to know your size!