The Growing Hobby Industry

The Growing Hobby Industry

Were you surprised to find out that there’s an Ithaca hobby shop located in the heart of the city?

While it’s true that the hobby industry has changed in many ways over the past 20 years, and technology plays a huge role in that change, it’s also true that more people than ever are flocking to hobbies. In fact, interest in hobbies and games has increased by 15 percent since 2008, according to Remote controlled vehicles represent a slice of that market, and because we love this particular hobby so much, we simply had to open a local hobby shop in Ithaca to share our enthusiasm with likeminded RC hobby enthusiasts.

Easy to Get Started

There used to be a time when lots of people were into purchasing model kits, and building models at home from scratch. After many hours, and challenging problem-solving, the finished model was ready to display, or be used for outdoor entertainment. However, those delicate handmade models are prone to damage, which is why many people in the past stuck to displaying models.

Enter the era of the high-tech, ready to run out of the box, remote-controlled vehicle. The RC boom in the hobby industry led to more and more people becoming interested in operating model vehicles such as RC trucks, cars and planes. Eventually, RC helicopters came on the scene and created another booming niche. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the RC hobby is that it’s very easy to get started. You no longer have to spend countless hours gluing together parts just so you can fly or drive your model.

Sure, model kits are still around, and probably always will be there for those who love to build things from scratch. A majority of hobbyists want models that run right away, and you’ll find plenty of top-shelf RC brands that are ready to go when you visit our shop.

Hands-on Experience

As an RC hobby enthusiast, you have some good options for finding the best name brand model airplanes, helicopters and rugged RC model trucks. Like many enthusiasts, you probably spend some time researching models online. That’s pretty normal, and we understand that our customers often research before visiting our store. The reason why you should visit a brick and mortar hobby shop such as Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca is to get that fantastic rush from handling boxes containing real models.

There’s nothing like spotting the model of your dreams and being able to reach out and grab it right away. If you’ve ever watched a video unboxing of an RC truck, or plane, you know what it’s like to share that feeling of excitement, even vicariously. Well, there’s no reason to wait. All you have to do is come into our shop and BOOM! Instant adrenalin rush.

One of a Kind

Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca is the only hobby shop of its kind in this area. Come in and check out the latest RC models today.