Hobby Sports: Lifetime Passions Forming Bonds and Connecting People

Hobby Sports: Lifetime Passions Forming Bonds and Connecting People

In this digital age we live in where video games such as Fortnite are taking over, many people don’t realize that traditional hobby sports are right around the corner from them! Wink’s Hobbies hobby shop in Tompkins county serves customers with a vast array of remote and radio controlled vehicles and model kits that are exciting, fun, and stimulating for everyone at any age!

Wink’s Hobbies serves Ithaca, Cortland, and Tompkins counties in central New York. Wink’s carries top brands of remote and radio controlled cars, helicopters, boats, and more! Choose between electric or Nitro from brands like Traxxas, HPI, Team Associated, Axial, Align, and much more.

Model kits are another “old fashioned” hobby that Wink’s offers in a wide variety. Wink’s Hobbies carries model kits for trains and race cars that allow you or you and your kid to build amazing vehicles from the ground up. Model kits also stimulate the mind by utilizing critical thinking and mechanical skills most video games or traditional sports lack!

RC Vehicles

Remote and radio controlled vehicles are NOT just for kids! The wide variety Wink’s Hobbies offers allow you to pick and choose your favorite motorized vessel like race cars, boats, helicopters, planes, rockets, and trucks. RC vehicles are perfect for hardcore car enthusiasts that can whip around a racecar from the palm of their hand.

RC vessels are also a great way to bond with your kids. Video games tend to be a solo experience and prying your kids away from the TV is becoming more and more difficult. By grabbing an RC vehicle and heading outside with your son or daughter, you’re creating a social experience outside that they can’t get from a TV or computer screen!

You and your kid can also get involved in RC competitions. RC competitions bring people together that are interested in similar hobbies and develop social skills for your kids that they otherwise couldn’t get. RC communities have other kids and adults participate in events that are fun, safe, and outdoors.

Model Kits

Model kits are another hobby that’s offered at Wink’s hobby shop in Ithaca. Model kits include race cars and model trains offered for adults and kids that love to build and learn about history.

Model kits are a great alternative to the digital hobbies a lot of people are enveloped in because it stimulates the mind in a way that’s mechanical and critical. It builds important connections in the brain that reinvigorate the minds of adults and inspires the minds of kids. Mechanical and engineering skills are a huge benefit to anyone, and starting with model kits are great stepping stones for future endeavors.

Communities that socialize while building model kits is another benefit to getting into building model race cars and trains. By getting together and discussing how to build different vehicles, adults and kids can communicate about mechanical topics and historical. Model kits also provide a type of history lesson; as you build you learn about the type of car or train you’re building and its significance in our human world!

Hobby Sports: Passions That Last A Lifetime

Wink’s Hobbies is the premiere hobby shop in Tompkins county and Ithaca, NY. Offering a huge variety of electric and nitro powered remote and radio controlled cars and vehicles, your search is over for the best hobby shop in Ithaca! Wink’s Hobbies also offers a robust inventory of car and train model kits for people who love to build and use critical thinking.

Don’t just limit yourself to video games or traditional sports when it comes to enjoying your free time or hanging out with your kids. Head to Wink’s Hobbies and search for your next favorite hobby today!