Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Your Kids Off the Couch and Get Started on a Lifetime Hobby

Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Your Kids Off the Couch and Get Started on a Lifetime Hobby


Summer vacation is here!  Families with children know how difficult it can be to keep their youngsters occupied and engaged. Most children see summer vacation as an opportunity to hang around, play video games all day, and generally take a huge breather after a long hobby shop in upstate new yorkschool year.


Parents find the summer to be fraught with “I'm bored,” and “There's nothing to do” statements. This is the perfect time to introduce your young person into the world of RC hobbies. Your hobby shop in Ithaca has just the remedy for those long, hot summer days.


Finding the Right RC Model for Your Child


No matter their age, Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has just the perfect RC model airplane, train, RC truck, boat, drone, helicopter or all-terrain vehicle for your child. Our in-stock units range from RTR (Ready-to-Run) right out of the package to more involved kits that require assembly. Newcomers to the RC hobby prefer to be able to get right out there and run their vehicles with minimal assembly. That's why our RTR models are very popular with fans of all ages.


Our hobby shop in Ithaca carries the largest line of RC models anywhere in Tompkins County. Box stores may entice you with lower prices but please be aware that the RC models sold in department stores are a much lower grade and really considered “toys.” They are not built to last, to take much in the way of crashes, and have mechanical failures that are not easily repaired. You will spend more time replacing the RC unit rather than enjoying fun with it.


RC models that we carry are not “toys.”  They are fully functional, well made, and reliable units that are built for the RC hobby. Along with the best models available, shopping at our hobby shop in Tompkins County provides you with expert knowledge and assistance from our staff who, themselves, are RC hobbiests. They know each RC model inside and out. Their expertise will offer you useful information and can help you choose the best model that fits your budget and skill level.


What's Hot in RC Models


Children and adults alike are impressed with the RC model trucks and all-terrain vehicles. There is nothing like being in control of one of winks hobby shop in ithacathese sturdy, responsive and exciting vehicles that can go most anywhere you send them. Imagine driving your unit through sand dunes, woodland paths, going over hills and rocky areas, as well as impromptu races with friends. 


The excitement seen on children's faces when they start up their RC model and learn how to control them is priceless. Introducing them to the hobby brings hours of fun and interest that will continue throughout the year. Summer is a perfect time to get started.


Along with the all-terrain vehicles, we have a huge selection of RC model airplanes and other flying units. Flying requires a bit more skill and again, our staff is ready to assist you in purchasing the best model for you or your child. 


Getting outside with your children and learning the ropes of flying RC model airplanes is so rewarding. Children learn responsibility in keeping their model within bounds, they learn etiquette when it comes to flying with other hobbiests, they learn mechanics and most of all, they have fun. Can you think of  a better way to get your kids outside and engaged in something other than video games? 


Stop by to see us at Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca and meet our staff. Wander through the aisles and see all the different models and accessories to make your enjoyment even more amazing. There is no better way than to shop local at your hobby shop in Ithaca.