Wink’s Hobbies Has Plenty of RC Models to Help Take Your Hobby to the Skies

Wink’s Hobbies Has Plenty of RC Models to Help Take Your Hobby to the Skies

Are you an RC hobby enthusiast who is new to the Ithaca area?

Well, if you’re looking for a shop in town where you can find dozens of your favorite RC models, your search is over, because Wink’s Hobbies is here to assist you. Our RC hobby shop in downtown Ithaca is hobby shop in Ithacawhere you’ll find all the latest models, parts and accessories.

RC Planes in Ithaca

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. No, it’s a cool new RC plane someone got from our shop! Okay, that was cheesy, but we are pretty darn enthusiastic when it comes to model planes. We know you’re seeking a plane that lets you fly the way you’ve always dreamed. We have planes for all levels of expertise. For the beginner flyer, there are planes where you can teach yourself how to fly. Trainer models are a good choice for people that need an easy-to-control plane when starting out. Experienced flyers will find intriguing plane models with amazingly realistic design touches. There’s a wide range of plane models to choose from in our Ithaca hobby shop inventory that provides you with hours of thrilling air action.

RC Helicopters

Helicopters are a whole other different type of sky bird. RC helicopters give you some of the coolest flying action in the air. We have sleek helicopter models that are super responsive, and allow you to hover, Ithaca hobby shoproll, funnel or flip with ease using sophisticated controls. Helicopter models are also great for learning how to balance and maintain aircraft stability. And, let’s not forget how much fun they are!

Model Rockets in Ithaca

Kids, and kids at heart, hold a certain fascination with model rockets. We can’t explain it, and won’t even try. All we can say for sure is that shooting a model rocket into the air, and watching it soar as high as it can go, offers us, and our fellow rocket admirers endless hours of outdoors fun. While launching model rockets in Ithaca isn’t as complicated as what NASA does, they do require a certain amount of tinkering at times to launch successfully. With an ample amount of open space, Ithaca is a great place to fly rockets.

Whether you are an RC plane devotee, are hankering for a cool helicopter that performs cool moves or have a burning desire to launch rockets 300-feet into the air, Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca is where you’ll find just the right RC model to satisfy your desire to get airborne.