How to Choose The Right Body of Water for Your RC Boat

How to Choose The Right Body of Water for Your RC Boat

Whether you just bought your first boat or have a garage full of RC models, you may be looking for somewhere new to enjoy your favorite pastime. That's why Wink's Hobbies Ithaca Hobby Shop is going to cover a few tips for using your RC watercraft at the lake, as well as the best lakes in the US for running one. Additionally, we'll go over a few things you'll want to do before taking your RC boat out on any body of water.


Tips for Using a RC Boat at the Lake

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Even though it's fun to hear people commenting about your boat, don't run yours near swimmers. And while there's nothing wrong with answering a curious swimmer's questions about RC brands, keep your actual watercraft away from the lake's busiest areas.

The same goes for using your boat to chase after wildlife like ducks. Even though many rangers are fine with considerate RC boaters, harassing a lake's natural inhabitants is a quick way to get kicked out. Additionally, if you have a nitro boat that's especially noisy, it's worth investing in a muffled pipe. Doing so will prevent you from attracting unwanted attention.


5 of the Best Lakes in the US                           


While remote controlled models can run great on ponds, lakes can provide an even more exciting experience. Just keep in mind that since lake regulations can change, it's always a good idea to call the department responsible for managing a lake and confirm that it's fine for you to run your boat on the water. That being said, here are five awesome lakes where you should be able to enjoy a day filled with RC fun:


Lady Chelan (Washington): Once you're done running your boat for the day, you'll be able to enjoy some of the area's top-notch food and wine.


Lake Cumberland (Kentucky): Since this lake has 1,200 miles of shoreline, you won't lack for new and exciting spots to put your boat in the water.


Crater Lake (Oregon): This body of water has the distinction of being the deepest lake in all of the US.


Lake Martin (Alabama): Thanks to the fact that the area around this lake also offers some fabulous golfing, fishing and hiking, it's the perfect destination for a family vacation that everyone will truly enjoy.


Lake George (New York): If you're on the East Coast or take a trip there, be sure to put a visit to this lake on your agenda.


Things You Don't Want to Forget to Do Before You Hit the Water


Prior to hitting the water with a new boat or one that's been sitting in its box for awhile, be sure to lube the flex or prop shaft. In addition to configuring your speed control, you'll also want to ensure that your batteries are properly charged. Then once you seal off the canopy, the last thing you'll want to do is range check your boat. When you've completed that final task, you'll be ready for a day of fun on the water!

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