Take Your Hobby Off-Road

Take Your Hobby Off-Road


Exceed, Iron Track and Traxxas are just a few of the awesome brands of off-road RC trucks that are available. And when it comes to off-road cars, brands like Kyosho and Maisto have some really cool options available as well. The terrain around the Finger Lakes region makes our Ithaca hobby shop there perfect place to find what you are looking for in off road vehicles.

How are RC Vehicles Able to Handle Off-Road Conditions?                 ithaca hobby shop, hobby shop ithaca, winks hobby shop, rc truck models

It's no secret that off-road terrain is a whole lot different than driving on a road that's smooth and flat. Since there are so many obstacles that a RC vehicle can encounter while being driven off-road, many people wonder how this type of vehicle is able to stand up to the punishing conditions of just about any type of terrain.

The simple answer to that question is that off-road RC vehicles have multiple features that allow them to be driven anywhere. The more detailed answer is they have high performance front and rear differentials. Most also have an aluminum center drive shaft. That combination maximizes power transfer in a very reliable manner.

Another reason that it's possible to drive RC vehicles off-road is because their shocks are filled with oil. Since many vehicles of this nature can go very fast, having quality shocks is crucial because it ensures that you're able to maintain control of a vehicle even when it's zooming over rugged terrain at very high speeds. Additionally, you'll find that many of the vehicles in this category are also waterproof.

What Makes This Hobby So Fun?

One of the really cool things about picking up this hobby is it's something that you can enjoy just about anywhere. In addition to all of the locations you'll likely discover near where you live, you can also take your RC vehicle whenever you go on a trip. Bringing your off-road truck or car along will give you an opportunity to find even more cool places.

Another reason this hobby is so great is because it really is very exciting. There's just something really cool about having a remote in your hand that's controlling a vehicle that's blazing down trails, clearing bumps and doing all sorts of other stuff that will get your adrenaline flowing.

How Do You Choose the Right Off-Road RC Vehicle?

If you're feeling excited about trying out RC off-roading, the only thing that may be standing in your way is trying to decide which vehicle is the right fit for what you want to try and do. Even after having a solid understanding of how this hobby works, the sheer number of options that are available can make it hard to narrow your selection down to just one choice.

Since the last thing you probably want to do is delay getting started with the new hobby that you're feeling excited about, the good news is there's a simple solution. Instead of trying to make this decision all on your own, you can let Wink's Hobbies help you. The great staff at the best Ithaca hobby shop will be happy to spend time chatting with you and answering as many questions you have about selecting an off-road RC vehicle!