While in Ithaca, Don’t Forget to Stop by Wink's Hobbies

While in Ithaca, Don’t Forget to Stop by Wink's Hobbies

If you're thinking about taking a trip to Ithaca, NY don't forget to include a visit to Wink's Hobbies. Since Ithaca is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, its diverse outdoor settings provide the perfect backdrop for your RC out door hobby. Let's go over some places you'll definitely want to check out during your timIthaca Hobby Shop, Hobby Shop Ithaca, RC Hobbies, Remote Controlled Hobbies, Model Trainse in Ithaca: 

The Spectacular Falls:

Located on Fall Creek, it's hard to appreciate just how beautiful this destination is until you see it in person. With a drop of 150 feet and a width of 175 feet, Ithaca Falls is a truly beautiful sight to behold. This is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch, followed by a little reading or listening to music on your iPod. In addition to relaxing, you can also enjoy exercising in the fresh air by walking on the trail that goes around and through the surrounding area.

The Finger Lakes:

While there are actually eleven different Finger Lakes, Ithaca sits on the banks of Caygua lake. This lake is a very popular destination for both fishing and boating, as well as taking a RC boat or plane for a spin. And if you enjoy wine, you'll definitely want to make arrangements to go on a wine tour in this area.

State Parks:

Nine miles of hiking trails, swimming and plenty of room for camping are just a few of the things you can enjoy at Robert H. Treman State Park. Thanks to all the open space in this area, it's also an ideal place to fly a RC plane.Hobby Shop Ithaca, Ithaca Hobby Shop, Model Trains, RC  Models

Cornell and/or Ithaca College

With student bodies of around 20,000 and 6,000, Cornell and Ithaca College are both highly respected schools. If you're in high school or have a child that's currently in high school, it's definitely worth arranging a tour to see if either school is a good fit. But even if you don't have any plans of going to either school, you can still enjoy their pristine campuses. Also, since both schools regularly host events that are open to the public, it's worth checking their calendars to see if anything is planned for the time when you're going to be in Ithaca.

Wink's Hobbies

If you like RC remote controlled toys, you will have a great time checking out the selection that Wink's has available. This Ithaca hobby shop is also the perfect stop if you're interested in a new hobby but haven't fully gotten into it yet. When you go, you'll find that the friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about awesome hobbies like RC boats and model train sets.

Whether you're going to be in Ithaca for just a few days or over a week, thanks to everything it has to offer, you will definitely enjoy the time you spend in this gem of a city!