Ithaca Has Plenty of Spots to Enjoy Your RC Hobby

Ithaca Has Plenty of Spots to Enjoy Your RC Hobby

As an RC hobbyist living in Ithaca or the surrounding area, you are pretty fortunate in that there are plenty of choices when it comes to enjoying your favorite models. Not only is Ithaca one of the most Ithaca Hobby Shopbeautiful places in New York state, it also has several parks and recreational areas where you can take your RC model car, boat, helicopter or plane for a spin. Because Wink’s is the best RC hobby shop in Ithaca, we decided to provide our customers with a list of local spots that offer plenty of options to operate your models

Buttermilk Falls State Park

The first thing you notice when entering Buttermilk Falls is that gorgeous waterfall just beyond the walking bridge. Regardless of whatever else you like to do, just standing there for a while and gazing at the cascading water tumbling down those natural rocks is so very relaxing. You’ll be in a Zen mood very quickly. Be prepared to do some mild hiking if you wish to go beyond the lower level entrance point. There are five trails and a 500-mile creek.

Cayuga Waterfront Trail

The Cayuga Waterfront Trail currently has a two-mile loop around Cass Park. The city has just completed a connecting loop to Stewart Park. This is a long walking trail surrounded by low grass greenery, trees and the inlet. You could run a fast RC car along the smooth concrete pathway. Or, fly a plane or copter over the expansive green areas. Boat enthusiast can find a spot along the inlet to motor around. People traffic along the trail is mild to sparse, depending on the day and time. This trail is an ongoing project that will eventually expand to six miles.

DeWitt Park

DeWitt Park is a small well-kept park that is across the way from The Commons. It has several connecting pathways that lead to a small circular area that holds a commemorative stone marker. It has nice grassy areas with trees.

Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a very popular spot to go for relaxation and recreation in Ithaca. It has the added benefit of being alongside Cayuga Lake. RC boat enthusiasts can enjoy hanging out near the shoreline, directing their boat among the gentle lapping waves. Boats may have to be steered away from passing ducks. There’s also plenty of open space for racing cars and flying airborne models. During the warm summer months, it is best to go on weekdays when it is less crowded.

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