Fall in Ithaca is the Perfect Time for Model Rocket Launches

Fall in Ithaca is the Perfect Time for Model Rocket Launches

With the fall breezes beginning to course through the local parks and recreational areas around Ithaca many model rocket enthusiasts are gearing up to let their favorite rockets soar high into the air. This fall make sure you get the most out of these dwindling  fall days by stopping by your local RC hobby shop in Ithaca. It may be pretty convenient to go online and check out all the cool new rocket models coming Ithaca Hobby Shopdown the pipeline. But, there is simply no comparison to being able to browse the aisles of an honest to goodness hobby shop in Ithaca and check items out in person.

Winks Hobbies follows in the tradition of other hobby shops of its kind. It’s an Ithaca hobby shop where you and your fellow RC buffs can come inside and be as geeky as you like. Seriously, we encourage the super RC fan to come on in and see if there is anything we can do to help you improve upon or expand your plane collection. Feel free to chat with our staff about the specific name brands and models that really get you excited. We wanna know so that we can keep an eye out for your preferred models as soon as a new one hits the market.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of owning an model rocket, but always wanted one, now is the perfect time to pick one out. We enjoy chatting with beginners, as well as, seasoned pros. If you have a model in mind, but are not sure what is involved with operating it, we can either give you some good tips or find out where to get the best information. At Winks Hobbies in Ithaca, we talk to model hobbyists from all over, and in all age groups. There’s one thing we’ve noticed about rocket lovers and that is their eyes light up when talking about a special model.

One tip we can give a beginner is to choose a model rocket that can take some rough flying (and landings). As with most hobbies, this one requires that you spend time learning how to launch your rocket. Bring your new rocket to the park and launch it into the crisp Ithaca air.

Come on down to Winks Ithaca hobby shop today and check out the cool model rockets we have in stock. The fall skies are waiting for your rocket to soar majestically into the atmosphere.