Making Remote Controlled Hobbies: A Family Affair

Making Remote Controlled Hobbies: A Family Affair

Here at Wink’s Hobby Shop in Ithaca we get to meet and speak with many customers who are lifelong fans of remote controlled vehicles of all kinds. They may have different favorites they’re looking for such as Ithaca Hobby ShopRC model trucks, planes, cars, boats or helicopters. But, for many of these RC devotees, the main thing they all have in common is developing a real affinity for this hobby at a young age.

It’s hard not too when your dad can’t wait for the weekend so he can pull out his big, bad remote controlled four wheeler truck with realistic sound effects. Then there are those dads who are all about being a weekend flyer. These are the guys who always dreamed of piloting a plane, but never got around to taking lessons. So, every weekend they live the dream through their choice of air bird.

You probably have memories of heading outdoors to watch good ole dad launch his RC truck on the road (really a driveway, but who cares?). Or, you tagged along as he found just the right take off spot to send his sleek flying RC plane soaring into the sky. If dad is in a generous mood, he’ll turn the controls over to you, or one of your siblings. When that happens there is nothing like that feeling of sharing a passion for a hobby with your dad. Perhaps he taught you how to do some of those cool maneuvers that now come second nature to you.

In some cases, it’s an older brother, cousin or close relative who provides the RC thrills in the family. As soon as the nice weather hits, you and your relative head off to the backyard, or some special outdoors spot, where the conditions are ideal for running fast RC cars, trucks or planes. Sometimes you and your family member launch a couple of copters into the air and compete to see who can do the best turns, swoops and landings. Yeah, maybe you let a few friends watch the action, but this is mainly a family thing. Everyone knows that you and your family absolutely rule when it comes to RC fun.hobby shop in Ithaca

These days the RC hobby is expanding to include people from all kinds of backgrounds and interests. Therefore, it should be no surprise when your mom, wife or sister insists on going to the Ithaca hobby shop with you to pick up her own RC model. Yes, ladies dream of being the fastest race car driver on the track too. Or, she’s just as ready to crush it with that huge RC monster truck as you are.

And, if you have children of your own, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of RC controlled fun by bringing them to Wink’s hobbies in Ithaca. We’ve got a great selection of the latest and greatest RC model vehicles designed for land, sea and air. We’re sure you’ll look on proudly as he or she carries on the family hobby tradition.