Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca Has All Your Hobby Needs

Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca Has All Your Hobby Needs

Are you searching for a hobby shop in Ithaca that carries the latest and greatest RC model trucks, cars, helicopters and model airplanes?

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an Ithaca hobby shop located downtown where you can find RC models for beginners, and for the experienced hobbyist.

RC Model Trucks

Big rig trucks are certainly in a league of their own within the RC model enthusiast community. Most people who collect these miniature models are true blue fans of the trucking industry, and the valiant truckers who deliver goods out on the open roads 365 days a year. You don’t have to have any experience driving a real big rig to drive the miniaturized versions. Thank goodness you live in the Ithaca area and can visit Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca to check out our selection of big rigs that have realistic features.

The advantage RC truck drivers have over traditional truck drivers is the ability to skip all of the unpleasant stuff, such as driving long hours, being away from loved ones and dealing with traffic. As an avid model truck enthusiast, you can drive an impressive rig that runs smooth and steady on asphalt, has an audible horn and working lights. Enjoy the pleasures of truck driving without all the hassles.

RC Model Cars

Some people feel the “need for speed” and turn to remote controlled cars to experience driving a sleek vehicle that doesn’t have to obey any traffic laws. Browse the selection of model cars we have in stock and examine them up close and personal. Wink's Hobbie in Ithaca carries the most in demand car models that are popular with collectors. If you don’t see a particular style or model on our shelves, feel free to put in a special order request with our helpful staff. We’ll make sure you get the RC car of your dreams.

RC Model Airplanes

There’s nothing like the feeling of flying a vintage or modern airplane that you control. If you love flying, you must come to our hobby shop and take a look at our selection of model planes. RC planes are unique because flying them requires a higher level of skill and control than other types of RC vehicles.

If you have experience flying RC models, you’ll be able to quickly find planes to add to your collection. Beginners, however, should take time to find just the right model plane that allows for learning the ropes. We are happy to chat with you about which planes are a good choice for you, and we can recommend specific model brands as well.

Touch It Before Buying

At Wink’s Hobbies, we offer our customers an old-fashioned hands-on browsing experience. Meaning, you can pick up items, touch them and get a good feel for what you’re getting. You also have the advantage of being able to talk to a real staff person face-to-face, which is nice to have available.

Visit Wink’s Hobbies today and discover that RC model you can’t live without.