Why Model Trains Remain Such a Fascination with Hobby Enthusiasts

Why Model Trains Remain Such a Fascination with Hobby Enthusiasts

Remember how much you wanted that electric train that ran around the Christmas tree when you were a child? That feeling never goes away for Model Train hobby enthusiasts. The birth of enthusiasm over model trains becomes a lifelong interest that grows in young and old alike.


Model trains spark a desire in many people. Not only the ability to control the trains but to build and design layouts and work on landscaping. The possibilities are Model train hobby shop in Ithacaendless. Some enthusiasts prefer to build a model train collection from a specific line or geographical area, while others are happy to mix and match cars, engines and develop their own unique layouts.


Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca offers some of the most intriguing model trains around along with accessories and landscaping materials. Whether you enjoy steam engines, locomotives, bullet trains or anything in between, there are many choices for you to browse through. Our professional and deeply passionate staff can help you either get started in the model train hobby or assist you in building out a layout that you will be proud of.


Model Trains Still Are Number One


The remote control model industry and hobby has come a long way from the early models. With model airplanes, helicopters, drones, and RC model trucks (both small and huge) having experienced amazing technological advancements and a lot of recognition as of late, the Number One seller is still model trains.


The intricacies of the train hobby stretches far and wide around the world. People attend model train shows in many areas to obtain deals on various units, layout materials, engines and cars. Americans and Europeans love the ability to build out fantastic scenery of their locale or primary interest area and obtain the model trains that best suit their needs.


As your premier Ithaca hobby shop, we want you to know that whatever you need can be found here at our store. We take great pride in providing excellent Your model train hobby store in Central, NYcustomer service by knowledgeable staff and if we don't have an item in stock, we can locate it for you quickly.


There is nothing like walking into a true hobby shop and seeing first hand all the model trains to choose from. You can actually pick them up, inspect them bumper to bumper, and ask questions of a real person. Dealing with online vendors may seem like a quick and easy way to fulfill your model train desires, but the actual ability to see in real life what model trains and remote controlled models look and feel like is worth its weight in gold.


You Are Your Own Conductor


The model train hobby propels you into the real life world of conductors and engineers as you control your train over the layout you've designed. New folks coming into the hobby will find it simpler to start off with a ready-made layout. The keen desire to get up and running is full of excitement and we understand.  Getting you going with your first layout that you can add to and/or remodel as time goes on will provide you with endless hours of enjoyment.


Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca carries a full line of model trains and accessories as well as some of the best Model Train magazines in the area. Pick up your latest copy of one of the magazines for some inspiration and ideas. We look forward to welcoming you into the model train hobby and hope to be your Ithaca hobby shop for years to come.