Summertime is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Model Train Hobby

Summertime is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Model Train Hobby

The lazy days of summertime have finally arrived.This is the perfect time of year to make all of your train model dreams into a reality. Like most model train enthusiasts, you probably are not fully satisfied with model trains in ithacayour current train set up. Maybe the layout and trains need some minor tweaks.Or, perhaps you want to do a serious overhaul of track, trains and scenery. Whatever you want to do, Wink’s Hobbies is your local Ithaca train store.

Model trains are one of the more fascinating hobbies that attract anyone that has ever loved watching a life-sized train chugging along its tracks. Many years ago, Ithaca used to have a bustling train station of its own.The train tracks are still visible near the station where people would eagerly wait to be transported by rail to other towns and cities. Now, all that’s left is remnants of that glorious past. Luckily, Winks Hobbies in Ithaca can offer trains like the ones that used to run through Ithaca that can be recreated in miniature form. We understand the sheer passion that you have for your hobby and we are ready to help you enhance your private collection. More than likely, you’re looking for model trains in Ithaca that are perfect for creating a customized train design.


Perhaps you have yet to add any new pieces to your set since you began. Sometimes running the same train along the same track countless times gets boring. Instead of losing interest in model trains altogether, opt to change things up by getting a new engine and cars. It’s perfectly okay to retire some of those older pieces and pick up something similar or completely new. That’s the beauty of being the main designer of your train world. You can make executive decisions and carry them out.

When you upgrade you can either use a kit you find at our shop as is or do some creative kit bashing. Building the perfect customized train may require one or more sets. The important thing is that you have an opportunity this summer to build a unique train that most people will never get to see in real life. That’s pretty awesome.ithaca hobby shop

Track layout is another reason to pay us a visit. Perhaps you want to expand the track you have or work with updated track styles. Track is just as important as the train that runs on it. Check out our sets to see if they have the track you need.

Wink’s Hobbies is an Ithaca hobby shop that caters to hobbyists that love what they do. So, we welcome you to stop by our hobby shop on West Court Street to check out the train sets we have in stock. We have the most popular train model scales and brand names to ensure you only have the best quality items for your set. In addition, if we don’t have what you like in stock, we are willing to find it for you quickly.