For the Model Train Enthusiast, It's All About the Details!

For the Model Train Enthusiast, It's All About the Details!

For the Model Train Enthusiast, It's All About the Details


Whether you're thinking about getting involved in this hobby or you have a loved one who's passionate about model trains including brands like Lionel, Bachmann and Atlas trains, you've probably noticed the fact that most enthusiasts often have seemingly tiny details on their mind. Although this may seem like overkill at first, it actually makes a lot of sense once you understand a bit more a


bout the basics of the model train world.

Scale 101

Scale is one of the most important details in the model train world. This term refers to the ratio between a mini train or other object a


nd the true size of whatever it's actually modeled after. For most model train enthusiasts, not only do they want a consistent scale among all their trains, but they want also want the scale of every other item in their layout to be the same as well.

Since scale can range anywhere from 1:48 to 1:220, a common question is "which one is best?" The simplest answer is every enthusiast has their personal favorite. As you'll quickly discover if you find yourself in a conversation, most model enthusiasts are more than happy to share their opinion on the pros and cons of each size.


How Can a Beginner Get Started?

Because model train enthusiasts pay such close attention to every detail of their project, a lot of people who are interested in this hobby feel intimidated about actually diving in and giving it a shot themselves. While that feeling is quite common, don't let it stand in your way of getting started. Even though enthusiasts are sticklers for details, one of the things that makes this pastime so great is the diversity it offers.

If you want to get started, there's no specific path you have to follow. Instead, you're free to pursue whatever interests you the most. That being said, there are some general rules you can follow to make getting started as easy and enjoyable as possible. The first general rule is to spend plenty of time looking through relevant magazines and books and also visit Wink's Hobbies to learn more.

The reason this type of visual brainstorming is so helpful is because it will allow you to get a feel for what you like. Whenever something catches your eye, be sure to bookmark or tag it. After you've amassed a solid collection of inspiration, you can actually start creating something.

Once again, don't let the details overwhelm your first attempt. For example, if you're not sure what scale to use, go with HO. This 87.1:1 scale is the most commonly recommended scale for people who are new to model railroading.Wink's Hobbies located in Ithaca New Yrok carries Lionel, Bachmann and Atlas model train brands.

Since this is your first time to actually build any type of model railroad, you're going to make mistakes. And when you're done, you're going to realize that there are things you wish you would have done differently.

But the last thing you should do is let that fact deter you from taking on your first project. The reason model train enthusiasts continue building year after year is because there's always something new to learn. And each time you start a project, you'll have a blank slate where you can put all the knowledge you've accumulated to work. Stop by Wink's Hobbies located in Ithaca New York to see our complete line of model trains and assories and speck to one of our knowledgeable staff to get your questions answered!