The Sky's the Limit for RC Plane Hobbyists !

The Sky's the Limit for RC Plane Hobbyists !

The Sky's the Limit for RC Plane Hobbyists ! rc airplanec, hobby shop, winks hobbies ithaca new york, rc models

Whether you have previous experience with other types of remote controlled models or you're looking for a completely new hobby, flying RC planes is a whole lot of fun. One of the really rewarding aspects of this hobby is there's always room for improvement. Once you master the basics, you can move to an intermediate style of flying. And as you continue to progress through those skills, you'll be able to bring more advanced techniques into your approach to flying.

A common challenge new enthusiasts who want to gain experience face is finding the right plane to start flying. Because there are so many different RC brands, narrowing down the list of available options to ones that are best for a beginner can be a little tricky. Fortunately, once you learn more about the specifics of the options that are available, you'll find that choosing the right plane isn't as difficult as you may have initially thought.

What are the Main Types of RC Planes?

The five main types of remote controlled airplanes are trainers, pylons, sailplanes, aerobatic planes and scale models. While the last option isn't capable of taking flight, that doesn't mean that building one or more scale models isn't fun. It can be a great standalone hobby, or one that's the perfect complement to your RC one for the times when you aren't able to fly.

As you may have guessed, a trainer plane is the perfect option for a beginner. The main difference between this type of plane and the others is because their speed isn't excessively fast, they provide an ideal way to master the basics of executing tricks.

Once you get used to flying a trainer model, a sailplane or aerobatic plane is probably the next model you'll want to progress to using. The long wingspan of a sailplane makes it fairly easy to keep it up in the air for an extended amount of time, while a sleek aerobatic plane will allow you to perform even more tricks than you may have thought possible.

Pylons are the final style of plane RC models. With the ability to reach up to 200mph, this type of plane isn't a good fit for someone who's not used to flying RC aircraft. But once you're confident with your skills, a pylon plane is the ideal way to do some serious racing!

Helpful Tips for New RC Plane Owners

If you can find a local RC group, don't hesitate to get involved with it. Getting to know people who also enjoy this hobby will make it easy for you to learn things like where you should fly, as well as any areas to avoid. You'll also steer clear of a lot of issues by making it a priority to check your plane before each and every flight also make sure to keep your model in a secure location since some models can run into hundreds of dollars.

Now that you know what models to focus on and the basic things to keep in mind, you can get started with this new hobby as soon as you like!

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