RC Race Cars, A Hobby for Kids of All Ages

RC Race Cars, A Hobby for Kids of All Ages

Remote control race cars are an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Interest in RC race cars is often shared across generations for good reason – the thrill of racing transcends age and there are many benefits for each age group. At our Hobby shop in Tompkins County, we can introduce you to the pleasure of RC race cars for every member of your family.

Improve Youngsters’ Hand-Eye Coordination

For the youngest set, opportunities to operate remote control cars can lead to better hand-eye coordination. Studies have shown that playing video games actually improve eye-hand coordination, but there is the added benefit of improving depth perception and spatial awareness as young operators rc hobby shop in Ithacaglance back and forth from the remote control to the car they are controlling. Eye-hand coordination and brain cognition are improved as youngsters toggle controls, press buttons and plot a course when controlling a RC car. Racing outside, whether in the back yard or an empty parking lot, also provides added mental stimulation and get kids outside to enjoy some fresh air. At our hobby shop in Ithaca we can introduce you to RC cars that are great starter options for the youngest members of your family.

Teach Older Children About Mechanics and Responsibility

Older kids can benefit from assembling their own RC cars and adding accessories and new features to their current remote control vehicles. This encourages an understanding of mechanics and electronics and stimulation of the imagination. Caring for RC cars properly is a commitment to an investment that teens will come to appreciate. By making them responsible for the proper care and cleaning of the RC cars they operate, they will learn how to properly care for their possessions and learn the value of taking care of things they value.

Healthy Competition Without Injuries

Competition can be healthy and productive when properly harnessed and supervised, and RC car racing is a great way to do this. It doesn’t have to be serious racing on a track, it can simply be an informal competition between family members in the back yard or between cousins and siblings in a parking lot. These kinds of competitions don’t lead to the many kinds of injuries such as concussions or sprains that are common in full-contact sports.

Common Ground for Generations of Families

Having fun, competing with friends and family members, sharing in the fun of shopping for RC cars and accessories and passing down your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of RC car enthusiasts can become common ground for your whole family. If you haven’t visited to Wink’s Ithaca hobby shop yet, we would love to see you, your kids and grandkids so we can introduce you to a hobby that’s perfect for all ages and skill levels. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have whenever your family gets together to both help and challenge each other with your RC cars!