Stewart Park is The Perfect Place for Your RC Hobby

Stewart Park is The Perfect Place for Your RC Hobby

Ithaca is fortunate enough to be located in an area that is surrounded by recreational parks. On the edge of the city is Stewart Park. The park is a main attraction for local residents and out of town visitors. For Ithaca Hobby ShopRC hobby enthusiasts this popular city park is a great spot to spend a day outdoors while enjoying your favorite RC car, plane, helicopter or boat. Whenever you are visiting Wink’s hobby shop Ithaca you can pick up a new model and go right out to the park to test it out. It’s not that far from the city center. You could be having a blast within a very short span of time after leaving our shop.

Many locals that grew up in the area have fond memories of spending sunny (and some cloudy) days at good ole Stewart Park. Some of those memories involve discovering the joys of fun Ithaca hobbies such as flying an RC plane high in the air over the park. Many of us remember the anticipation of arriving at the park, and then searching for just the right spot to launch that new plane or helicopter. We watched in awe as our airborne model soared high above our heads. As it flew, we were constantly figuring out how to work the controls to get it to do cool maneuvers. Yeah, those were the days. And, those good times certainly didn’t end once we grew up.

We at Wink’s Ithaca hobby shop are more than happy to recommend Stewart Park to our customers of all ages. The park is spacious and it’s got an awesome lake view. You can go there alone, with friends or with an RC hobby buddy. We admit that the grassy environment may not give you the best conditions for driving model cars. But, it’s not too bad. Find a deserted spot along the bike/walk path. Or, you can use the pavilion if it’s empty.hobby shop ithaca

For model boats the park sits on the edge of Cayuga Lake. It’s a gorgeous body of water. Unfortunately, you can’t go swimming or wading. However, you can always run your boat close to the shore and watch it skim the surface. Boating is popular out on the lake so your miniature model version will fit right in.

There’s nothing like heading to the park on a warm sunny day and taking in the natural scenery at the park. If you live in the area, you’ll probably be enjoying a picnic at the park every now and then. Picnics are the perfect time to bring along your favorite RC model. Keep in mind that if you go when there are a bunch of kids around you’ll probably draw a crowd of young observers. Kids are fascinated by RC stuff – just like you were at that age. RC is a hobby that brings out the kid in all of us.

Before you head out to Stewart Park to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation, stop by Wink’s Hobbies and check out the latest RC models.