Check Out The Latest RC Model Cars at Winks Hobbies

Check Out The Latest RC Model Cars at Winks Hobbies

Boy, if you had millions of dollars to do whatever you wanted you would build a large garage and purchase a fleet of dream cars. You love collecting cars and this scenario would be a dream comes true. But, rc car models, Winks Hobbiesunless you win the lottery or discover a rich relative somewhere that’s not going to happen. Fortunately, your love of cars can be indulged another way. You are really into RC model cars. You’ve discovered that being an RC car collector offers many benefits. The main one being you can own as many as you like without spending huge piles of cash. You derive the same pleasure from this hobby as you would if you could afford the full-scale versions.

Here at Wink’s Hobbies we understand your passion for cool miniature cars. In fact, we opened our Ithaca hobby shop just to cater to collectors like you. We feel our Finger Lakes location is the ideal place to be to offer Ithaca hobbies of this type. RC car fans from all over come to us to indulge in their favorite hobby pastime. RC cars are the coolest hobby to have in our view. For one thing, the cars are very precise in every detail. They are miniature versions of the real thing that simply cannot be found anywhere else. We’re not talking about those cheap imitations that other stores offer. We’re a bona fide died-in-the-wool hobby shop.

When you search for RC hobby shop Ithaca you’ll find us easily. That’s because we are the place to visit when you get that urge to add to your growing collection. Most of our regular customers are crazy about RC cars and cannot wait until we have something new to show them. We love to please our customers so we are always seeking out the newest RC model cars looking for the best of the best. We have all of the popular brand name model car makers that you have come to trust and depend on for high quality collectibles.

When we look at the newest offerings we take into consideration the desires of our customers. You are always welcome to contact us and ask us to pick up a cool new RC car for you if we don’t carry it. However, that rarely happens because Wink’s hobbies are pretty good at finding those gems. We always get excited when we spot a new car model that has some awesome detailing and driving action. Yeah, it’s totally cool to have this job.

Got some spare time when you’re not doing anything?

Great. Come on in to our local hobby shop in Ithaca and check out all the new cars we have in stock. When you feel the need for speed there is no better place to hang out. Our race cars are awesome. Whatever type of RC car you like to drive is waiting here for you. We’ll help you continue building your private collection.