Hit the Trails with the Latest Off Road RC Models from Winks Hobbies in Ithaca

Hit the Trails with the Latest Off Road RC Models from Winks Hobbies in Ithaca

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca wants to welcome you to the best and most equipped RC model shop in Ithaca. The summer is upon us and with it are numerous opportunities to get outside with your favorite remote controlled models.

Before heading out to the trails, have you decided on what type of RC vehicle you will be using this year?  Maybe you have a tried and true friend that you've been using, or perhaps you're ready to step up and purchase a more advanced unit. Your Ithaca hobby shop has all your remote control necessities including some of the most in-demand vehicles.

What About Scale?

If you've been in the hobby a while, you probably started with a 1/10 scale car or truck. These are perfect for the beginner. There's a very large market of DIY kits, RTR packages and support. This is the perfect size to get started learning how to drive, control, and care for.

In addition to the 1/10 scale, you can find RC vehicles in 1/18, 1/16, 1/12, 1/8 and 1/5 scales. Off road enthusiasts prefer the larger, more powerful vehicles. 

Two-Wheel Drive? 

Just like a full-sized vehicle, you probably want to go Four-Wheel Drive for your remote controlled car or truck. Although Two-Wheel Drives are still quite popular because of their low price point, ease of use, low maintenance, and lower tire wear.

But again, if you are really ready for off-roading adventures, you'll want a Four-Wheel drive to allow for tighter turns and the power to make those ascents. These are more expensive but have a longer lifespan, handle better on corners, though can be a bit hard to control for rookie drivers.

Monster Trucks Grab Attention

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca know that off-roading is not all about racing or competing. Some folks just want to get out there, get dirty, traverse through mud, water, snow and varied terrain showing off their remote controlled truck.

Monster trucks fit the bill for beginners as well as seasoned drivers. These are generally in RTR (Ready to Run) straight out of the box, saving significant time for the hobbiest and allowing for a quick transition out into the wild.

RC model trucks are the most popular in the off-road classes both in size demands, engine options, and flexibility for the driver. With ready to run RC model trucks you can get out there immediately and have the time of your life. 

After using a vehicle off road, there is the matter of cleaning, repairing, and prepping up for the next run. Take the time to properly care for your RC model trucks. The friendly staff at Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca can help you learn the proper maintenance procedures to keep your model in tip top shape.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca Welcome You

You've chosen a thrilling and exciting hobby, and we want you to have the best experience possible. Learn about the different models, types, scales, and engines from our helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Whether for recreation, sport or competition, RC model trucks and variations have numerous designs and advanced features they provide for the hobbiest and enthusiast.

It is summer and time to get out there and get dirty!  Stop in to see us today and walk out with your newest prize ready to run and bring you all the fun you could imagine. Our shop is located at 726 W. Court Street here in Ithaca, NY.