Didn't Get What you Wanted for Christmas, Don't Worry Winks Hobbies Has you Covered

Didn't Get What you Wanted for Christmas, Don't Worry Winks Hobbies Has you Covered


The Holidays have passed and everyone is settling down for a long winter. Although the current arctic blast is not favorable to outside activities (other than skiing and ice fishing), for those of us who enjoy RC hobbies, this is a great time to plan.


Did you get the RC items you had hoped for? No worries if you didn't. Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has just what you're looking for and had been wishing for. Our current stock includes many fantastic new RC model airplanes, UAVs (drones), RC model trucks, helicopters, boats, cars, and accessories.


Your Ithaca Hobby Shop


We are, indeed, your best hobby shop in Ithaca and have been providing healthy and exciting hobbies for the area for generations. Our store is conveniently located and our staff is well-educated and professional.


RC enthusiasts travel many miles to visit us and view the fine array of models and accessories for their projects. Young, old, newbies and veterans alike can find the perfect RC models here at Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca. 


Winter can be a rough time of year but RC model hobbiests enjoy a few months working on new project models and upgrading existing vehicles in anticipation of the springtime weather.  Several active RC model hobby groups offer camaraderie, new people, education and RC Model Cars at Winks Hobby Shopencouragement to advance in the hobby.


Perhaps your children got their first RC model this Christmas and are all ready bitten by the bug! Bring them down to the store and wander about the aisles and see everything from RTR (Ready-to-Run) models, kits to build, and all types of engine power.


Our accessories section will amaze you and if you are looking for a part or something to upgrade a current kit, we are sure to have it in stock. 


Many people are tempted to order their RC model parts and kits online. We understand this, but deeply encourage you to come see first hand what the model airplanes, RC model trucks, off-road vehicles and  accessories really do look and feel like. Understanding the difference in quality and sturdiness will be apparent when you actually can see and touch a real model right in front of you.


People get discouraged when they've purchased a seemingly pricey model from a big box store, department store or online. These units are often poorly and cheaply made and are not intended to be anything but a toy.


Your Ithaca hobby shop stocks and sells premium quality RC models. These are not toys. We want your experience in the RC Hobby to RC Models at our Ithaca Hobby Shopbe a good one. We would love to see you and your children grow with us as you learn more about RC and improve your abilities with controlling and building your own projects.


Find Out What We Have This Month


Stop by our conveniently located hobby shop in Ithaca today. Our inventory is always updating with new items and keeps on top of advancing technology. There are just so many options to choose form and something right for every budget and ability.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs. We look forward to showing you the best RC models here in Ithaca.