Have you Stopped by Winks Hobby Shop in Ithaca Lately?

Have you Stopped by Winks Hobby Shop in Ithaca Lately?

It's been such a pleasure seeing so many of our customers this winter. And now with Spring here, we are gearing up to bringing you and your family back outdoors to experience the top RC models on the market today.


Remote controlled toys were first aimed at and enjoyed by children of all ages. Technology has jumped by leaps and bounds bringing with it the joy and hobby shop in Ithaca New Yorkexcitement, not just to children, but adults of any age.


Model airplanes, RC model trucks, stunt vehicles, cars and all -terrain vehicles (just to name a few) are simply fun and can now do just about everything.  Drones have taken the market by storm and have awesome features born from all this advanced technology and RC hobbiests' desires. The cameras mounted on the drones are a great source of inspiration as owners take aerial shots they could never otherwise obtain.


What RC Model Might You Desire?


Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has been a community staple for many years. Our store located on Court Street in Ithaca boasts the largest hands-on selection of RC models, accessories and parts. We are your Ithaca hobby shop with a fun and experienced staff on hand for all your questions and needs relating to the RC model hobby.


Our shelves are stocked with amazing models that out perform your expectations. Model airplanes, long the favorite of early hobbiests, continue to provide family enjoyment. The thrill of being able to actually fly and control a model plane brings many people into the hobby. Many long-time hobby flyers have stepped up to flying drones. Please be sure to understand the FAA rules concerning flying model planes and drones.


Children and adults of all ages are having a fantastic time with RC cars and trucks that can do so many tricks, stunts and have the ability to be upgraded and accessorized to fit your vision. Local customers enjoy getting together and putting not only tracks for racing but incredible obstacle courses for the numerous off-road enthusiasts.


Whatever type of RC model you are looking for in the Ithaca, NY area can be found right here at Wink's Hobbies. Our expert staff members can open up a whole new world to you with RTR (Ready-to-Run) straight-out-of-the-box models to super powered models with engines that surpass their predecessors.


Get Outside and Have Fun


After a deep, dark winter there is nothing better than the scent of Spring air and the hint of the seasons to come. It's time to get outside with your friends drone and drone supplies in Tompkins Countyand family, and get your children involved and excited about RC models. This is a fantastic family hobby and a wonderful way to experience the outdoors, meet new people and hone your skills in both operating remote controlled vehicles and upgrading your current models.


Stop by your Ithaca hobby shop today and let us show you some of the most popular and fun RC model trucks, cars, airplanes, drones, cars and so much more. When you shop at Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca, you can be assured that what you buy will actually be what you want.  Plus, we are here, live and in person, to help you with any questions.


See you soon!