School's Out, That Means More Time For Hobbies

School's Out, That Means More Time For Hobbies

The time the children have been waiting for – School Is Out!!!  Summer vacation can leave kids with either a ton of things to do or limited activities depending on location and situations. The routine of school and those school supported events stop abruptly and there has to be things to keep them busy.

As your premier hobby shop in Ithaca, we want to encourage you to spend more time with your children working on building relationships, skills and yes, keeping their young minds busy with math and reading.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca knows that your quality time with your children brings lasting memories for all. Getting your child started in a hobby is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, along with your time and patience.

Get Started The Right Way

Remote control “toys” are everywhere in department stores. But no matter what you pay for them, and usually they are quite inexpensive, they are simply toys. Toys that have a very short life span and cannot be easily repaired if at all.

RC model trucks, model airplanes, model cars, ships, helicopters, etc., can be a whole new launching pad for your child's imagination. Imagine their amazement and focus as they learn how to operate the controls and direct their chosen vehicle through an obstacle course or watch it as it glides in the sky above them.

The RC hobby has been a great source of enjoyment and many hours filled with learning for young and old alike. The nuances of flying model airplanes provides skills in fine motor control, cause and effect (think wind sheer), speed and distance (math skills could be integrated here).  Youngsters are particularly adept at controlling a remote's so part of their current interest in video gaming (need good reflexes, focus, and control). This allows them a step up from when we first learned how to use RC models.

Getting started the right way means looking at, feeling and trying out some of the most popular and affordable RC model trucks, cars, aircraft and boats.  Our knowledgeable staff is eager to get you started in this amazing hobby and helping you and your child to choose the model that will suit your needs best.

We are your hobby shop in Ithaca and have no intention of competing with the big box department stores. Our products and accessories are top quality and we stand behind each and every one of them. Our goal is to show you a hobby that you can grow with and pass down to your children and their children.

Wink's Hobby Shop in Ithaca is the perfect place to be able to handle the latest RC models and learn all about them. Many of our returning customers enjoy the ability to talk RC with us, learn about new products coming out, and connect with other hobbiests in the area.

Summer Is Here

Get your children interested in a hobby that could help them grow and engage in a whole new way. The RC model industry brings fun, enjoyment, education, and opportunities galore to stretch your imagination. Before you know it, you could be planning and building your own obstacle course or teaching others how to have fun with RC model trucks and model airplanes.

Check out our newest products and accessories today. We look forward to helping you make this summer one full of excitement as only RC enthusiasts can have!