4 Reasons Summertime is the Perfect Season for Your RC Hobby!

4 Reasons Summertime is the Perfect Season for Your RC Hobby!

Summertime is RC Hobby Time:

One of the great things about having an RC hobby is it's something you can enjoy all year long. Everyone knows what the winters are like in Ithaca New York, but even when you're in the part of winter when it's freezing cold and already dark by the time you get out of work, being able to look forward to your hobby can help keep your spirits high.


While it's great that RC vehicles provide year-round fun and fulfillment, of all the seasons when you can really enjoy your remote controlled hobby, it's hard to argue with summer being the best. If you're wondering why summer stands out above all the rest as being the ideal time, let's look at the top four reasons right now:


Summer Means Longer Days:

It would be difficult to find a major RC enthusiast who doesn't wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. But even though there's no way around that limit, the arrival of summer does mean that it will stay light for longer periods of time. This makes it much easier to feel energized when you arrive home from work and dive into your RC world.


The Weather is Nicer:

As with having natural light for longer amounts of time, it's nice being able to lift your garage door and enjoy the weather outside instead of being surrounded by heaters and layers of clothing.


You Have More Free Time:

It's no secret that across most industries, work happens at a slower pace during the summer. Because the pressure dial is turned down, you'll find that you naturally have more time to devote to your favorite Remote Controlled hobby.


Easier to Connect with Your Buddies:

Most people spend more time in their own house during the winter. Whether it's just because of the less pleasant weather or a more serious issue like SAD, it's not uncommon for people to feel less social during the winter. As a result of these tendencies, it can be more difficult to connect with all your friends as the year winds down and then a new one begins.

A large percentage of individuals who don't participate in this hobby assume that it's something people do on their own. And while it can be a lot of fun to work on a vehicle without other people around to distract you, anyone actually involved in the RC world knows that all of its social aspects are also quite rewarding.

The good news is while most of your RC buddies may seem like they're MIA during the coldest months of the year, once the sun is back out in full force and everyone's spirits are high, you'll have no problem getting in touch with them and rounding everybody up so you can check out each other's latest projects.

If you're currently having an awesome time with your RC hobby pursuits, you can look forward to that continuing. And if you've let this hobby slip or have always been interested in it but never actually got started, now is the perfect time to move it to the top of your list of things you want to do in the coming months! If you are in the Ithaca, New York area, stop by Wink's Hobbies to see the latest RC and Remote Controlled brands including rc cars, rc boats,rc planes, rc helicopters and model trains.