Summertime Means Warm Days, the Great Outdoors and Hobby Fun

Summertime Means Warm Days, the Great Outdoors and Hobby Fun

Enjoying the great outdoors and soaking up some sunshine is even more fun when you and your friends are sharing your fondness for a great pastime like racing remote control cars or navigating the local lake with an RC speed boat or sailboat. At our Hobby Shop in Tompkins County, you can find everything you need for outdoor fun.

We carry a complete line of RC boats, helicopters, cars and planes for you to enjoy. We also feature exciting rockets you and your friends or family can launch. While we can supply you with the RC toys, batteries and supplies you need, there are a few other things you should have when you venture outdoors so that you can enjoy a full afternoon and evening of uninterrupted fun.

Do an Inspection Before Heading Out

Always inspect your remote control vehicles before you leave home. If possible, do this the day before so you’ll have time to make a quick run to our Ithaca hobby shop if you need to replace a part. Hobby shops in Ithaca will usually have what you need, but always call a few days ahead to make sure they have them in stock. At Wink’s Hobbies, we’ll have what you need or can place a special order for you and get it in just a few days.

Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel

Whether you’re steering a RC car that runs on batteries or your boat runs on gas or nitro, be sure you have enough of the appropriate fuel so your hobby fun doesn’t stop suddenly due to a fuel shortage or dead batteries. Bring along spare batteries and extra fuel so you don’t have to stop all the fun to go on a nitro or battery run.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Summertime is the ideal time for a day of RC fun; warm weather and long days mean more time to play. It can also get pretty hot, however, and you don’t want to end up overheated. Dress is lightweight clothing and be sure apply sunscreen before leaving the house, especially if you’ll be on or near water. The water reflects the sun’s rays, making you more prone to sunburn. If you’ll be out most of the day, reapply sunscreen periodically. If you’ll be out later in the day, bring along a lightweight, long-sleeved top of some kind in case there is a chill in the air as the sun goes down.

Bring Food and Water

Your RC vehicle isn’t the only thing that will need fuel as the day goes on. If you and your friends or family are planning on making a day of it, you should stop in at the grocery store and stock up. Be sure you have plenty of bottled water and some wholesome snacks like granola, nuts and cheese to give you a bit of energy. If you plan on spending the majority of the day outside, pack lunch items that  are easy to eat and aren’t messy. Wraps or sandwiches you can eat with one hand are great, as are fresh fruits that aren’t going to be too messy.

We are the premier hobby shop in Tompkins County and will be happy to help you prepare for your next all-day summer outing with your RC hobby vehicles. If you’re just getting started, bring along your friends and family so you can choose the right RC hobby everyone will love. Whether it’s planes, trains or automobile, we have that and more at Wink’s Hobbies.