Share Dad’s Hobby this Father’s Day with a Trip to Wink’s Hobby Shop

Share Dad’s Hobby this Father’s Day with a Trip to Wink’s Hobby Shop

Bypass all those boring Father’s Day gifts this year and spend some time with him sharing his favorite hobby. At Wink’s Hobby shop in Ithaca, we’ve Winks Hobbies in Ithaca is your Hobby Shop Expertsbeen stocking everything hobby enthusiasts need to fuel their interest in model trains, cars, planes, rockets and boats for years. We’ve kept up with the latest trends in nitro, electric powered  and remote control vehicles as well as more traditional scale models. A visit to Wink’s Hobby Shop will reveal an impressive selection of everything you dad needs to pass on his favorite hobby to you and your children.

A Hobby That Keeps On Giving

Forget about taking your father golfing or out to dinner. There’s nothing wrong with either of these, but golf is incredibly expensive and once you’ve paid for a round and played it, your gift is gone. The same with dinner out. Remote control vehicles and scale models, however, give you multiple opportunities to give your dad something special. Assembling a new boat, train set or even a drone is a great way for your dad to spend an afternoon or weekend, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s rainy and cold. Assembly is just the beginning. Once your dad has put together his latest drone, train or ATV, he’ll look forward to showing off his newest acquisition to other hobbyists and putting his nitro, electric or remote control vehicle through its paces by racing against others. It’s a great way to encourage socializing with others and getting out and about.

Bonding with Dear Old Dad

In today’s fast-paced world, there are fewer opportunities to find a hobby that appeals to all ages. There are many opportunities at Wink’s hobby shop in Tompkins County to discover hobbies that appeal to all ages. You’ll discover boats, cars, trucks and trains that your father will admire and will get a definite, “Wow!” from your kids. Is it any wonder that racing model vehicles and putting together scale model trains are activities that generations continue to bond over? It’s a great hobby that three generations can enjoy. Just imagine spending Father’s Day with your dad and your kids while you plan an afternoon racing model cars or laying some new track for a gorgeous model train landscape. 

Every time your dad gets together with you to work on model construction or challenge you to a high-stakes race with your remote control cars, you’ll rediscover the art of conversation. Models of vehicles from the past are an opportunity for your dad to pass down tales from his younger days. Racing remote control or nitro vehicles creates a level playing field for a bit of friendly competition between dad or granddad and the kids. Imagine the excitement the first time your son beats his granddad at a race!

An Affordable Way to Indulge Your Dad’s Passions

You may not be able to afford that luxury boat your dad has always wanted. A race car is certainly out of reach for most of us. But a trip to Wink’s Hobby Shop in Ithaca will give you lots of ways to give him that dream boat he’s always wanted on a more affordable scale. Has he always wanted to pilot a helicopter or launch a rocket into space? Then do your Father’s Day shopping at Wink’s Hobby Shop, where you can find all his dreams on a scale and budget that will work for years to come.