Plowing Through the Leaf Pile With Your Favorite RC Model

Plowing Through the Leaf Pile With Your Favorite RC Model

October is the time of year when the leaves on the trees start turning from summer green to fall colors of orange, red and golden yellow. Here at Wink’s Ithaca hobby shop, we love this time of year. The rc hobby shop in Ithacawarm, humid days of summer are over and the crisp breezy days of fall are perfect for having some outdoor fun with one of your favorite RC models. We encourage everyone who enjoys recreational RC vehicles to take advantage of the decent weather before the cold season kicks in.

This golden season of changing leaves is over pretty quickly once the leaves fall away from their branches. Lots of fallen leaves usually end up in the yard, waiting to be raked into piles before being stuffed into trash bags. If raking leaves is one of your typical afternoon chores at home, why not take full advantage and create a fun home RC event?

As a kid, you may have spent some quality time during those long-ago fall days hoisting your body into a big ole pile of leaves.There’s just something about a pile of dried leaves that draws a kid to jump smack in the middle of it.Of course, after the elation of landing in the pile ended, the leaves had to be raked into a whole new pile. But, you didn’t mind, because it was so much fun. Now that you’re an adult, jumping into leaf piles isn’t considered a thing that responsible grown ups do.So, you dutifully let those leaf piles sit until they end up in a bag and get hauled away.

But, who says you have to totally waste a great opportunity to play around with fall leaves?hobby shop in Ithaca, Winks Hobby Shop

In fact, we encourage you to use several piles of leaves to create a unique RC truck obstacle course. You can enjoy the thrill of smashing through leaves by revving up your model car and driving it at full speed through one or more leaf piles. We bet that you’ll have so much fun maneuvering your car through various leaf piles that you’ll want to do it again and again. Hey, no one says that you have to get rid of all those leaves so soon. Let them hang around in your yard awhile, providing you with a new way to enjoy your sleek model cars.

Towards the end of October is when the pumpkins and Halloween decorations come out.This provides you with even more options for creating a scary good RC obstacle course.Let your imagination run free and see what type wacky driving tracks you can come up with. Meanwhile, stop by Wink’s, the only hobby shop in Ithaca where you’ll find plenty of RC model treats that perform amazing tricks.