There is Still Time to Enjoy Your Hobby Before School Starts

There is Still Time to Enjoy Your Hobby Before School Starts

It’s that time of year dreaded by kids and some parents as well – back-to-school season! If you’re like most parents, you’re scrambling to get all the school supplies and school clothes lined up for your children while still keeping up with your normal routine. You figure it’s time to put away your RC cars, boats and planes and get back to serious business. But don’t put your hobbies back on the shelf so soon – there is plenty time left to spend some time hobby shop in Ithacaenjoying your hobbies with your kids and make at least one more run to our hobby shop in Ithaca to do some fun-related shopping.

The Weather is Good

Despite the school season starting soon, temperatures in the Ithaca, Cortland and Tompkins county area remain pleasant. In fact, without the sometimes scorching temps of summer, the last half of August and into September is an ideal time to do some outdoor RC racing. You can stay out all afternoon without getting overheated and you won’t have to worry as much about finding some shade. It’s the perfect time to throw your gear into a backpack or back and head out. At our hobby shop in Tompkins County, we carry everything you need for outdoor RC racing or off-road fun to enjoy during these cooler, more comfortable days.

The Parks are Less Crowded

The many parks in our area that have places for RC racing and remote control fun aren’t as full now as they were just a few weeks ago. In the next few weeks, the crowds will thin out considerably, giving you and your kids the ideal opportunity to indulge in some remote control fun with less worry. With fewer people around, you’re less likely to accidently run your RC car or truck over an unsuspecting stranger’s foot. You won’t have to wait for a space to clear on the pond or lake before putting your RC boat in place, and even the skies above you are a bit clearer, so flying your drone will be no problem.

You Can Enjoy Your Hobby at Home

If you no longer have the time to get out to somewhere, you can still enjoy some time with your RC truck, car or buggy in your own backyard. Set up a mini racecourse or obstacle course and challenge your kids (or brother or sister) to a competition. If RC helicopters or drones are your hobby, your own backyard can be the ideal place to test out some tricky maneuvers if you don’t have time to travel to an area with lots of airspace. Our hobby shop in Tompkins County carries a full line of helicopters and drones you can fly in your backyard and over your home any time of year.

If you’re just too busy to get out and about with your RC hobby, this is the ideal time of year to bring your hobby indoors. At our Ithaca hobby shop, we have RC build kits so you can create a new remote control vehicle when you can no longer take your hobby outside. Or you may simply want to do a bit of repair and renovation to your  current RC vehicles. Whatever your interest, we have the parts, paints and kits to keep you engrossed in your RC hobby right up to the day school starts and beyond.