Take a Trip to Winks Hobbies in Ithaca This Winter

Take a Trip to Winks Hobbies in Ithaca This Winter

Winter season has finally arrived and with it comes the time of year to focus on making repairs and upgrading your RC model collection. If you’re an aficionado of RC model trucks and cars, you’ve probably Ithaca Hobby Shoprun some of your favorite models numerous times. Just like with regular vehicles, RC model vehicles need periodic maintenance too in order to stay in tip top running shape.

Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca is your one-stop shop for all of your RC model repair needs. The change in weather means that your model cars and trucks are sitting idle, but that doesn’t mean ignoring them. This is the time of year when you should be inspecting those models for obvious signs of wear and tear. Sometimes the suspension or wheel jiggles loose, or delicate parts come off. Alternatively, you might want to make some adjustments to a model’s performance, and need parts to make minor tweaks. Whatever you need we’ve got plenty of parts and accessories to help you do what’s necessary.

Come See Our Selection of Model Airplanes

Do you have a dream of building a vintage model airplane?

There’s no time like the winter months to dig deep into this time-honored hobby, and our Ithaca hobby shop has several model airplane kits that are perfect for a wintertime hobby project. When the weather is cold outside and you want something interesting to do with your time you can sit down and work on recreating a sleek glider or vintage fighter jet. Model airplane building requires lots of concentration and the ability to get little details correct during the building process. After you’ve successfully built your plane, you can display it proudly as a work of art.

When good flying weather returns in the spring you can take your snazzy airplane outside and watch it soar through the air. Of course, once you’ve built one model airplane you’re ready to build more, and hobby shop in IthacaWink’s Hobbies is just the place to find your next great flying machine.

Best Model Trains

A hobby shop in Ithaca wouldn’t be worth a thing without stocking some of the best model trains available.  Trains are fascinating machines that combine intricate design with practicality, and you can recreate these engineering marvels at home. Wink’s has several different train kit models for you to use to start a new hobby, or add to your collection of model trains. Train sets usually include an engine, freight or passenger cars and some include a caboose. You’ll get some track with the kit, but you can also browse our store aisles for model train accessories such as scenery.

Shake off those wintertime blues with a fun trip to Wink’s Hobbies in scenic downtown Ithaca.