The Weather Warms Up in May, Time to Take Your Hobby Outside

The Weather Warms Up in May, Time to Take Your Hobby Outside

Warmer weather is moving in after a long, cold winter and it’s time to get outside with your hobbies. Instead of hunkering over a kit putting something together, take advantage of the great outdoors with some of Wink’s Hobbies outdoor hobbies. They combine a wide range of activities with the chance to enjoy beautiful, sunny days with friends and family.

RC Sail Boats for Water Lovers

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to do some sailing on the local lake, but you just don’t have the time to take care of a sailboat. At our hobby shop in Tompkins County you can invest in a remote control sailboat that will give you the chance to sail a scale model replica of your dream boat any time you want without having to break the bank and without all that time doing upkeep and maintenance. You can also take your RC sailboat out any weekend for a few hours without much advance planning. Take your kids or grandkids along and for a wonderful family afternoon sharing the joys of rc boating.

Do you like a bit more speed? Browse through our Ithaca hobby store, where you’ll find remote control racing boats. With these sleek, rc boats you can challenge your friends to races on the water that will get pulses pounding while you enjoy gorgeous water vistas and the bright sunshine. Steering your boat through open water and watching it throw up water in its wake is a thrill custom-made for May’s sunny days, but the excitement will last all summer long.

Rocket Launches

You may remember shooting off small scale rockets as a kid, but todays models are so much more sophisticated. They fly higher and straighter for a truly impressive experience every time. Why not step outside this May with one of our newest rockets and launch a new hobby? Our scale model rockets fly so high you may temporarily lose site of them before they return to earth. Part of the fun is taking into account wind and weather; not two rocket launches are the same! Challenge your friends or introduce your kids to the joys of rocketry under warm skies.

Take to the Skies

Whether it’s planes or helicopters, kids of all ages love flying machines. At Wink’s Ithaca hobby store, we carry a complete line of remote control helicopters and planes that will allow you to soar through the skies, do aerial tricks and perfect your landings under bright blue skies full of brilliant, white clouds. You can choose from military style helicopters, drones, rescue choppers and more. You create the story behind your helicopter and control it as it dips and bobs above you.

Planes are a different kind of outdoor fun for hobby lovers. Whether it’s a World War II replica, a biplane or something completely modern, rc planes give you the chance to fly among the clouds without your feet ever leaving the ground. Imagine teaching your grandson how to fly his first remote control plane! He’ll gladly give up a video game to operate the controls of his very own plane and enjoy some time outside with you.

Wink’s offers the best selection of rc planes and helicopters of any of the hobby shops in Ithaca. Stop in today; we’re confident we’ll have your dream plane or helicopter in stock. By this afternoon, your plane or helicopter could be soaring through the sunny skies at your command. What better way to spend a May day?