What is the Hobby Manufacturers Association

What is the Hobby Manufacturers Association

Our industry continues to grow and evolve as the hobby enthusiasts demand more advanced technologies and remote control models become more advanced. The HMA, Hobby Manufacturers Association, is the trade association for manufacturers, importers, publishers, producers and suppliers of all model hobby products and related accessories. One of their main missions is to promote public awareness of model hobbies, and of course to provide a forum for others involved in the industry to voice concerns and improve relationships across the board.

With the recent focus on drones, or more appropriately called simply RC Models or Unmanned aerial vehicles, there has been a lot of disagreement as to how to moderate and control the safety and enjoyment of the model airplanes.

There are specific recommendations and programs to ensure appropriate behavior and flying limits. Newcomers (as well as veterans who need a refresher course) can access the Know Before You Fly Program

Know Before You Fly is an education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

As excitement and enthusiasm continues to grow around UAS, and the regulatory framework continues to take shape, more consumers are looking to buy UAS for personal use and more businesses are looking to use UAS too. These prospective operators want to fly, and fly safely, but many don’t realize that, just because you can buy a UAS, doesn’t mean you can fly it anywhere, or for any purpose. Know Before You Fly provides prospective users with the information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly.

Making The Most of Your RC Model Hobby

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca encourages all hobbiests to know and understand the rules and regulations as they apply to model airplanes. Other remote controlled vehicles have not been quite so heavily regulated as their interference with the public and private sector is not an issue.

The FAA brings many concerns to the table with poor flying, inappropriate behavior, and interference with manned aircraft. No matter the hobby or endeavor enjoyed by the general public, there are always people who will push the limits and operate in unsafe manners.

The Hobby Manufacturers Association endeavors to help bring all entities together into a mutual understanding and agreement as to proper operation as well as preserving hobby enthusiasts' enjoyment.

As your local Ithaca hobby shop, we want you to fully enjoy the RC model hobby. Our highly trained and experience staff can help direct you to proper usage, share local people who can assist you, plus we offer the most advanced RC models to suit you skill level.

Visit Your Hobby Shop in Ithaca

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has a wide range of RC models tat we would be thrilled to show you. Our model airplanes, RC trucks, and all-terrain vehicles are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our vehicles come in electric and nitro powered as well as build-it-yourself kits. Come in to our store to see all that awaits you as you delve deeper into the hobby or are brand new.

Be sure to check out Hobby Manufacturers Association for additional resources and information on RC model airplane flying rules and regulations.