Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca is Your Hometown Hobby Shop

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca is Your Hometown Hobby Shop

After another winter and working on your inside projects, the go-to hobby shop in Ithaca is located right downtown at 726 West Court Street. Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca is the place to go for serious hobbiests and newcomers alike. Whether you enjoy building models or the exciting past time of in-flight RC planes, helicopters or rockets, Wink's Hobbies will fulfill all your needs, and perhaps give you more ideas.

Hobby Shop in Ithaca

A downtown fixture, the hobby shop in Ithaca best known for a store brimming with materials, models and accessories is, indeed, Wink's Hobbies. Model airplanes abound, as do anything you can think of in both the model and RC model trucks.  You will not be disappointed in the selection, service, and expert assistance available from the store owners and staff.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca wants you to find exactly what you need within their plentiful stock and accessibility to even those hard-to-find models that you've been searching for.  And talk about a real hands-on experience!  Come on in and feel free to touch and examine whatever you are interested in.  We want you to know the quality and feel each item for yourself. 

We are an old-fashioned (as opposed to those big impersonal box stores) hobby shop in Ithaca that treats our customers like family.  We want to know what you are looking for, your expertise, and we want to be your favorite hobby shop in Ithaca.

Model Airplanes

Model airplanes, both model kits and RC planes, are still a big hit with many hobbiests.  Whether you like vintage or modern, we have the plane for you.  Maybe you are not yet into the RC planes, and just enjoy building models for display.  That's a-okay.  Come see the fine selection we have to keep you busy developing your personal collection.

RC planes bring back amazing memories.  Remember when you saw your very first RC plane swooping overhead and realized how much fun the operators were having?  Now it's your turn.  Take a look at the choices from vintage fighters to modern-day single engines.

Our expert staff is always available to help you choose the perfect unit for you.  Expert model builders will find the materials they prefer working with here at Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca. While newcomers and beginners in this wonderful model airplanes hobby will appreciate the personal service and interest from our staff.  We want your experience here to keep you coming back.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca

This is the place to be if your hobby revolves around remote controlled models, trucks, planes or other similar modes of transportation. Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has the most significant selection of all products and accessories in stock. 

And if you are seeking a hard-to-find product, let us know.  Our long-time experience gives us a distinct advantage in locating that perfect model or accessory you are looking for.Stop by to see us today and let your mind envision all the possibilities.  Looking forward to meeting your needs and providing you with an enjoyable and exciting experience.