Winks Hobby Shop in Ithaca, Your Local Alternative to Internet Shopping

Winks Hobby Shop in Ithaca, Your Local Alternative to Internet Shopping

While the Internet continues to grow and push smaller stores out of business, Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca is determined to be your first stop for RC models and accessories. The younger generation has become attached to their electronics and are comfortable surfing the internet hobby shop in New York Statefor deals and purchases. Will they ever know and enjoy the personal satisfaction of browsing a locally owned hobby shop where they can touch and feel products, talk with staff and share information with other hobbiests IRL (Internet acronym for In Real Life).


In fact, it's becoming unusual for the current generations to do much IRL. It's a foreign idea to many. Their lives revolve around the screen in front of their eyes that they barely lift their head up from. Regardless, we are the ones who must help retain personal interactions and continue to shop locally at the small stores. Our friends and neighbors have worked hard to build a business that not only feeds their family but provides a needed product or service to their community.


Making Time for Hobbies


The world – our world – seems to increase in speed continually. All the fine inventions of electronic technology that were supposed to be more productive and free up time, have backfired. We spend more time getting nothing done and losing time with our hobbies or leisure time activities.


Not long ago, having a hobby or even two was actually expected. Kids and adults alike enjoyed many forms of hobbies that suited their unique personalities. There was nothing as thrilling as visiting your local hobby shop to gaze, dream and maybe even purchase a new model for your collection.


Hometown hobby shops knew their customers by name and passion. They were sure to welcome you into their shop, point out the newest or most recent additions and converse with you about your hobby. RC model enthusiasts could find model trains in many scales (N, HO, O, etc.), RC model airplanes from vintage fighters to passenger liners, ships, submarines and sail boats, RC model trucks of all sizes and everything else that flies, drives, or floats.


Wink's Hobby Shop in Ithaca has been a mainstay in the community for many years. Our privately owned shop carries a vast array of models, kits, parts and accessories, always bringing in the newest models for you to actually touch and feel.


There is no time like now to come back to a hobby that filled your heart with passion in your younger days, or to bring your children/grandchildren to the shop to explore potential hobbies. Taking time away from electronics or video games may be difficult for Hobby shop in Ithca New Yorksome to adjust to, but there is more to life that what goes on outside of real life events.  A hobby provides hours of creativity and imagination that, sadly, is being lost.


Wink's Hobby Shop Welcomes Everyone


New to hobbies or a veteran RC model airplane pilot, we have the items you need to upgrade your current models or help you move into a more advanced skill set. Our enthusiastic staff is here to provide you with the absolute best IRL experience and customer service. 


As your hometown hobby shop, we are personable and in touch with the needs of our customers. Can you say that about the faceless store online that gladly takes your money without a single word?


Stop by to see us today.  We welcome everyone to experience the fun and passion of RC models and the future with us!