Snow Doesn’t Have to Slow Down Your RC Hobby

Snow Doesn’t Have to Slow Down Your RC Hobby

If you love winter because it means lots of great food and fun holiday activities, but hate the fact that it gets in the way of your RC hobby, you'll be happy to know that Ithaca Hobby Shopyou don't need to pump the brakes on this passion just because the temperature takes a plunge. Instead, you just need to know the types of vehicles that are capable of running on snow and even ice.

Which RC Vehicles Can You Drive in the Snow?

One option is to start with an HPI Trophy. Not only is this buggy fast, but it's also quite rugged. But while it delivers great performance out of the box, since you want to use it in the snow, you will want to make a couple of modifications. Specifically, you'll want to outfit it for the challenges of snowy driving by putting finned wheels on the front and paddle wheels in the rear. With that fairly simple modification, you'll be ready to leave a lot of tracks in the snow.

Another option is to go with a Custom Traxxas Slash 4x6. This vehicle will feature 2 VXL systems. As with the previously described HPI Trophy mod, you'll want to put different tires on this bad boy. However, instead of tires in the front and back, you'll just put paddle tires on the back. Then on the front, you can go with Dubro skis. That combination provides an ideal balance of power and the type of design to cut through various amounts of snow.

As you can see from those examples, there are actually quite a few RC vehicles that can be modified for use in the snow. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the electronics are waterproofed. Regardless of what a vehicle is modified to sit on, if the electronics aren't secured, the vehicle isn't going to make it far. Additionally, it's important to carefully clean a vehicle after a snow run. Instead of just letting the vehicle drip-dry, many enthusiasts prefer to use an air compressor to blow everything out.

While the type of modifications described above can allow you to make a standard RC vehicle work in the snow, plenty of hobbyists are interested in a vehicle that's hobby shop ithacaactually designed for colder conditions. If that describes what you're looking for, you are still in luck. A Tamiya Bullhead is one vehicle that can be run in the snow without any modifications.

You can also opt for an actual RC snowmobile. This type of RC vehicle generally has features that include an electric motor, Ski-Doo aesthetics, headlights/taillights and an actual suspension. You just have to do your research before making a purchase, as the most common complaint about certain RC snowmobile models is they're significantly underpowered.

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