Online Shopping Can’t Replace the Thrill of the Local Hobby Shop

Online Shopping Can’t Replace the Thrill of the Local Hobby Shop

Central New York hobbiests are fortunate to have a hobby shop in Ithaca to browse hands-on and talk with local enthusiasts. Wink's Hobby Shop carries hobby shop in Tompkins Countysome of the top lines of RC models, parts and accessories for beginners through to seasoned RC hobby lovers.

With the advent and significant growth of Internet shopping, many people are missing out on the excitement of going to their local shops to see and purchase the best product for their needs. Online retailers cannot stand there and chat with you about a particular RC model airplane and suggest which model would be best for your skill level. They don't share valuable information about upgrades, accessories, local RC model groups and contests. Your hobby shop in Tompkins County can be your major go-to source for all RC model necessities.


Why Shop Local?


There are many reasons to shop locally; two important ones are the ability to actually feel and test a potential purchase as well as the fact that buying locally helps your community shops stay in business.


Online shopping may be great for some things, quick purchases of items you are familiar with, but it can never take the place of actually visiting a local hobby shop in Ithaca and talking with friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Wink's Hobby Shop has been a long-time fixture in Ithaca. Our reputation for bringing the best and newest RC models to the area is bar none, and our experience reflects the passion we all enjoy for the RC model industry.


We are here to answer questions, show you how things work, direct you to the parts you may need and give you the opportunity to actually see, touch and feel. An internet retailer cannot offer you the experience of actually being able to feel the quality of the product.


This is where buying local is huge. You really have a personal experience when you shop. Your Ithaca hobby shop is a wonderful place to bring your children, as well. Perhaps they have a budding interest in RC model trains or all-terrain vehicles. Sure, you've probably bought a few form the local department store and found the vehicles to be poorly made and they simply do not last and cannot be repaired.


Real RC models are best found at specialty hobby shops, not from big-box department stores. The models sold from those stores are toys (no matter the price) and not meant to last very long. Our RC models are hand-picked from the best manufacturers and are built to provide years of enjoyment.


RC models of this caliber can be repaired, outfitted with higher power fuel systems, body upgrades and even suspension upgrades. We carry the parts you need and can help you repair or upgrade your project. An internet retailer simply cannot provide you with this kind of personal experience.


RC Models Are Our Passion


At Winks hobby shop, we carry the top name brands of remote controlled, radio controlled and model kits including; Traxxas, HPI, Team Associated, Tompkins County hobby shopAxial, Align, and many more for the Ithaca, Cortland and Tompkins county New York region.


While most enthusiast's are focused on the body style and how it looks, don't forget about your motor and what's under the hood. Whether you are looking for a electric rc motor or a rc nitro motor, Wink's Hobbies has the motor that is right for you.


If you are planning to be in the Ithaca area visit us at our new showroom located at 726 W Court St Ithaca, NY 14850.