Where do Drone's Fit into the Hobby Industry

Where do Drone's Fit into the Hobby Industry

About 2.8 million drones were sold in the United States last year, about 1.2 million of them over the holidays, according to the Consumer Technology Association, a lobbying group. As of Dec. 13, just over 500,000 people had registered with the F.A.A. Surely the rest of the owners will be stepping forward soon — if they haven’t already crashed their drones. See the full NY Times article here...  

So what does this mean to the RC Hobby Industry? What was once the close camaraderie of remote controlled units, RC model trucks, cars, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and model airplanes all working within a controlled and well-trained environment, the insurgence of these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) is causing a huge uproar.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca wants you to continue flying safely and enjoying the hobby. We strive to educate our customers and help you get in touch with local groups of enthusiasts who will teach you the basics of flying. 

While most model airplane pilots have been enjoying this past time for decades, there is a learning curve to piloting a model airplane safely and courteously.

The vast majority of flyers were members of clubs that provided safe flying locations, common-sense rules, and hands-on guidance for rookies. It was a system that worked exceptionally well to avoid any shenanigans.

The recent influx of GPS and auto pilot-equipped multi-rotor "drones" allowed RC-curious newcomers to bypass the traditional mentor-based training. By doing so, they also missed out on the related lessons regarding courtesy and safety. It wasn't long before news feeds became filled with stories of ignorant RC pilots doing ignorant (and dangerous) things. (Read more Here. )

So the problem here is that the majority of drones can be unboxed and launched immediately. Consumers are anxious to fly and do not heed (or read) the warnings and instructions. Your hobby shop in Ithaca encourages you to fly responsibly in order to truly enjoy the RC hobby and not end up in trouble.

Where Do Drones Really Fit Here?

Drones – or actually called multirotor aircraft – are obviously the latest and greatest flying craft available to consumers. The stringent FAA rulings will help control some of the crowd who have become obsessed with these, but like anything else, there will be those who refuse to operate safely and within guidelines.

Yes, they are incredibly popular right now and the RC hobby industry, as a whole, is coming to grips with this newest “kid” on the block. It would make sense that the hobby industry, itself, would reach out to new drone pilots to educate and mentor them in the logistics and rules of flying before the FAA slaps harder rules and consequences down on the entire model airplane hobby.

The FAA has all ready implemented rulings that are affecting hobbiests around the globe, and not just pertaining to drones. The rulings are focusing on ALL model airplanes and is far-reaching in its effects.

These multirotor aircraft can become a huge opportunity for the RC industry with careful consideration as to how to regulate their usage. There are significant dangers to the public when carelessly operating a drone and people need to learn the proper etiquette for flying.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca

As your premier hobby shop in Ithaca, we support the incredible group of RC model enthusiasts who have worked long and hard to keep this hobby fun, safe and a great way to spend your time. We encourage you to ask questions, learn from seasoned pilots and enjoy the RC model hobby regardless whether you wish to fly drones, model aircraft or drive RC model trucks and other vehicles. 

Let's keep this a fun and enjoyable hobby for all. Stop in to see us and take a look around at all our models – from kits to ready-to-run units. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and get you started the right way.