April is the Perfect Time to Visit Winks Hobbies

April is the Perfect Time to Visit Winks Hobbies

April is finally here and with it comes nice weather that allows RC fans a chance to rev up the engines of RC trucks and cars and get back to having some outside fun!

In the Ithaca area, Wink’s Hobbies is the best hobby shop in Ithaca to visit during the month of April, especially if you love all things RC. We have a great collection of model planes, trains and boats, as well as, many popular car and truck models. This is the time of year when you probably are looking for something new to add to your growing collection.

Get Ready to Race

Ithaca is not too far from the world famous Watkins Glen racetrack, and that means that there are a lot of racing fans that love the thrill of fast cars. Since, most drivers are never going to experience putting pedal to the metal and accelerating at top speeds in a real racing car, the best way to get this type of thrill is to drive an RC racing model.

Come into our Ithaca hobby shop downtown and satisfy your need for speed. We’ve got RC cars capable of achieving record speeds when you run them on a track, a driveway or sidewalk. It’s always fun to pit one RC racer against another and see which one is the fastest. If you’re into dirt racing, check out the big-wheeled monster trucks that tear up the roadway and eat gravel like it was nothing. Build a track of your own, or find a good outdoor spot and watch these babies barrel through some tough terrain.

Big Bad RC Trucks

There’s nothing quite like sitting behind the wheel of a big wheel truck, heading down the road in a quest to deliver a load of cargo to its destination. Truckers dominate the roadways and are powerful symbols of American commerce. You too can experience how cool it is to drive a truck by opting to drive a big bad RC truck of your own. We carry many RC trucks that resemble the real road warriors, and you’ll have endless fun driving these rigs, maneuvering them around tricky turns.

Classic RC Model Planes

Soar into the air with one of your favorite RC model planes - a plane you built from scratch using a model plane kit from our shop. The tradition of building classic plane replicas from a model kit goes way back. You can continue this rich tradition thanks to the numerous plane model kits we carry. 

RC plane kits come with all the parts you’ll need to lovingly assemble the plane and get it in tiptop flying condition. Build classic military fighter jets and enjoy making them swoop and turn in mid-air. You can also build cool gliders of all types.

Winks Hobbies in Ithaca invites you to celebrate the beginning of spring by treating yourself to a new RC model car, truck or airplane.