The Top RC Model Truck Brands

The Top RC Model Truck Brands

Some of our customers coming into Winks Hobbies in Ithaca ask us specifically for our recommendations regarding RC model trucks. We know this is something that many RC hobby enthusiasts want to Ithaca hobby shopknow; regardless of whether you live near our hobby shop in Ithaca. So, we decided to do some research, which resulted in us finding a few really good truck brands that we feel are well worth checking out.

This is by no means a list of all good RC model trucks. So, don’t feel like we’re trying to slight anybody’s favorite brand. Everyone’s got an opinion about what they think is best, and we’re just giving you our honest opinion on this subject.

Here are a few brands that are popular at our Ithaca hobby shop:


Traxxas makes awesome trucks that are juiced up and ready to go wherever your imagination takes you. These trucks are built for fast speeds, and can handle doing wheelies and jumps like no body’s business. Their higher price range is justified, because these trucks are built to last a good long time. If you love trucks, you must have at least one Traxxas truck in your collection.


Tamiya has been making quality RC trucks for decades, which is why they are among the most popular brands. It’s not uncommon for truck enthusiasts of all ages to have at least one or more Tamiya trucks. They may not be the fastest trucks, but they do have tons of classic style, which fits in with any type of road scenario you enjoy. Another reason they are tops is that Tamiya tractor trailer models look and hobby shop in Ithacadrive like the real thing.


Exceed trucks are built for speed and rough and tumble fun when you’re in the mood to race. Choose Exceed trucks for their agility and all those totally cool details that really make RC trucks special – the paint jobs rock. While their regular trucks are great, we recommend treating yourself to some big wheel monster truck fun with their MadBeast EP model.

Team Losi

Team Losi is known for its innovative racing trucks that are fast, sleek and ready to hit the road with lots of engine power. They make short course trucks with a micro 4x4 chassis for running on concrete, dirt or gravel. RC fans near a beach can check out their micro-desert model, which you can run on countless sand adventures.

Whenever you’re in the area stop on by Wink’s Ithaca Hobby Shop and pick up a super cool new RC truck.