Plowing Through the Snow With Wink’s Hobbies

Plowing Through the Snow With Wink’s Hobbies

Wintertime is a slower-paced time of year for dedicated RC fans visiting an Ithaca hobby shop such as Wink’s Hobbies. While many hobbyist keep their models safely tucked away on a shelf somewhere in hobby shop in ithacathe home, a few people love getting out there in the cold and snow with their RC model trucks. Are they crazy?

Nope. They’re just among a hardy breed of people who enjoy a brisk wind and don’t mind a few inches of snow. Now, of course, if you’re going to be out there in the snow running an RC truck, you better make sure it’s a sturdy model that has considerable weight and stability to handle snow and ice conditions. Just like real trucks, RC model trucks can sustain wear and tear when running in colder weather. Therefore, you should carefully consider what trucks you want to take on an outdoor run.

For instance, you may not want to pick your prized truck for this task, especially if you’re jittery about keeping its appearance pristine. Instead, you need a tough as nails truck that is built for plowing through piles of snow and other rough courses. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a monster truck for a while now, but haven’t made up your mind about getting one. Well, there’s no better way to shake off those winter doldrums than with an awesome monster truck obstacle course through the snow!

For those of us who grew up playing in snowy weather each year, spending time outdoors taking a big truck through its paces is all kinds of fun. As adults, it’s not often you get to escape for a few hours and enjoy unbridled fun, but snow trucking the RC way sure is one of life’s guilty pleasures. Maybe you, or a friend, are interested in a big rig style RC truck that looks and operates just like those trucks featured on TV shows like Ice Road Truckers. Imagine how much fun you’d have with a cool big rig that makes realistic truck sounds as it barrels down an icy road. You could spend some time building a ithaca hobby shoprealistic outdoors road that includes a few ice patches.

Think of the fun you’d have manning the controls while skillfully guiding your rig along that treacherous road, maneuvering like mad to keep your rig from sliding into a snow bank. Yep. That’s the kind of fun the guys who come into our hobby shop in Ithaca like to have during this time of year. Oh, and there’s always smashing your model truck through the obligatory snow pile – just for kicks.

While we always recommend careful driving when traveling to and from Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca, we totally support any crazy obstacle course you want to create for your rough driving RC truck. Come on in to our downtown Ithaca location and pick out an awesome big rig or monster truck for your winter collection.