Take to the Air With Wink’s Hobby Shop in Ithaca

Take to the Air With Wink’s Hobby Shop in Ithaca

The thrill of flying an airplane is one of those things that must be experienced, because it’s difficult to describe with mere words. If you’re like most plane Ithaca hobby shoplovers, you want to enjoy flying planes without spending thousands on flying lessons, which are also very time consuming. The best way to do that is to fly RC model airplanes, which you can do right here in Ithaca any old time.

When you’re ready to earn your RC flying wings head on over to Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca for a fine selection of sleek airplane models. We welcome flyers at all levels, beginners, intermediate and experienced. If you’re a beginner to the world of RC airplanes you really need some guidance when choosing the best planes to use when you’re learning how to do basic flying moves. Some people think that all that’s involved in flying model planes is turning on the switch and moving the controls up, down and around. Experienced model flyers make it look easy, and that’s because they’ve spent countless hours learning how to master the controls.

Crash Landings

When it comes to model airplanes what you learn quickly is that what goes up often comes crashing down pretty hard when you are at the beginner’s level. It’s easy getting the plane up into the air, but maneuvering it to come in for a safe landing is a whole different ballgame. It’s common for newbie flyers to crash and ruin a perfectly good plane due to inexperience. Beginners are welcome to visit our shop here in downtown Ithaca and browse our selection of cool planes.

While you’re free to choose any plane you want, we recommend that beginner flyers hold off on getting your dream plane. You sure don’t want to put an awesome plane in the air only to have it crash after one or two flights. That’s a good way to flush money down the drain. Instead, we recommend that you hobby shop in Ithacapick out an inexpensive model that you can treat roughly without worrying about damaging it. That way you can take your plane out to Stewart Park, or your favorite local park, and practice using the controls, and especially practice those landings!

Soaring and Exploring

Soon enough, beginner flyers get the hang of things and grow more comfortable using the RC controls. That’s when you get to experience pure joy each time you take your model airplane out for a flight. Once you have the basics down, you discover all those little things your plane is capable of doing and you can change flying patterns at the drop of a hat.

Fly Your Dream Plane

Now you are ready to really kick up the flying action. Come back to Wink’s Ithaca Hobby Shop and pick out your favorite dream plane. Or, have us order your dream plane for you and you can pick it up anytime during our normal operating hours.

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