Leading RC and Hobby Model Brands

Leading RC and Model Brands: The Top 6 You Don't Want to Miss

Are you exploring the world of RC and model vehicles for the first time? Or have you been involved with this hobby for awhile but are looking for something new? In either case, if you're looking for a new radio controlled vehicle, you won't be disappointed if you stop by Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca, New York and choose one that's made by a leading RC or model brand:

Thunder Tiger: Since 1979, Thunder Tiger has been producing some of the best RC boats and RC helicopters on the market. One of the reasons they've done so well is because they focus on producing vehicles that are as easy as possible to maintain. Another is because they use high quality carbon frames for almost all of their boats and helicopters, the performance you can get is quite impressive. Additionally, not long ago, Thunder Tiger purchased Team Associated. While TA still operates under their own brand, you can depend on them to also the same high level of quality.

Hasegawa: From the time they started producing models in 1961 until today, Hasegawa has built a strong reputation for producing top of the line boat, helicopter and truck models. In fact, Hasegawa is so passionate about creating models that honor every detail of originals that many of their completed models have been used in museum displays around the world.

Traxxas: Not only does this company produce RC helicopters, but they also make radio controlled planes and trucks. Although it's hard for someone who's never been involved in this hobby to imagine, there are videos of people hitting speeds of over 100 MPH with Traxxas trucks! As if that wasn't enough, the impressive performance of their vehicles is complemented by their awesome designs.

Dynaflite: While this is a company that truly cares about producing high quality airplanes, they also care about always creating products that are affordable enough for every enthusiast to enjoy. From their motor glider trainers to sailplanes, Dynaflite always does an impressive job of delivering incredible quality at very attractive price points.

Losi: Whether you're looking for a ready-to-run, race or bind-n-drive truck, you can count on Losi to have exactly what you want to add to your RC collection. In addition to their line of trucks, they also produce a wide range of tools and parts. The availability of these items makes it easy to fully customize any of their trucks that you purchase.

Revell: Last but certainly not least is Revell. Many people would say that they are the leading brand in the RC industry. There are several reasons for their prominence and popularity within the RC world. First, they produce a long list of truck, helicopter, plane and truck models. Second, because they have been around for more than sixty years, they have an extremely impressive track record of quality. Additionally, if you want models that you know have the highest quality details, you can be confident that Revell will never cut corners with their level of quality.

Wink's Hobbies located in Ithaca New York carries the major brands of RC and hobby model vehicles for the serious entusiast. Contact us today to find out more: