Put your RC Hobby in High Gear with a Trip to Winks Hobbies in Ithaca

Put your RC Hobby in High Gear with a Trip to Winks Hobbies in Ithaca

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca is your one-stop hobby shop for everything you need for your RC vehicles and entertainment. More and more people are finding the RC hobby to be a fun, relaxing, and interesting activity.

With summer drawing to a close and cooler weather coming along, there are even more possibilities for your model airplanes and RC model trucks. The vast array of models in all shapes and forms are sure to spark an interest for both young and old. 

Children are welcome in our shop and we encourage you to introduce them to this amazing, fun hobby. There are many ready-to-run models that make a great first RC unit for young people to get into the hobby with you. Depending on the child, you may also want to consider kits that can be built together with adult supervision.

RC Hobby Brings Families Together

Many times we think of individuals that go off to a remote field to fly their model airplanes, or a large area to run their RC model trucks. But the truth is, many families enjoy the entertainment and make a day of the event. There is even healthy competition between families as they showcase their models and skills in running them.

Children love to imitate their parents, so always be sure to be setting a good example with safety first. Parents find the RC hobby to be an excellent self-esteem and bonding activity with their youngsters. Wink's Hobby Shop in Ithaca knows the value of family involved activities and can recommend appropriate RC models for the whole family.

RC Model Trucks

There are so many different types of RC model trucks from construction vehicles to monster trucks. Size can vary from hand held to very large tractor trailer units and construction vehicles. You can relive your childhood with an RC construction backhoe or dump truck that really works.  Competitions are also something to behold.  When you get a group of people together showing off their skills and the abilities of their models, there's nothing more exciting in this hobby.

Wink's Hobby Shop in Ithaca has a wide selection of RC model trucks that are sure to invite your imagination as to all that you can do with them. Whether you are interested in basic models, or some of our gas powered kits, there is an RC model just for you!

Model Airplanes Take to the Air

Have you ever been at a field or even near an airport and seen the amazing model airplanes being flown in the sky?  Bet you wanted to try your hand at controlling one, haven't you?  There is a certain amount of skill involved in operating a model airplane, keeping it in good running condition, and of course, keeping it airborne.

Model airplanes have been the basis of the RC model hobby for decades. With everything from vintage models to fancy fighters, you can get seriously involved in this hobby.

When you need a hobby shop in Ithaca, we here at Wink's Hobby Shop want you to come in and learn more about what models would best suit you and your family. We have an extensive array of accessories and models to choose from.

Visit us today and let us help you get started in the best hobby around. You will enjoy every single minute and so will your family.