What’s New in the Model Rocket Industry

What’s New in the Model Rocket Industry

Whether you've been involved in the model rocket industry for longer than you can remember or you've decided that 2014 is going to be the year that you pick up this hobby rockets ithaca new yorkhobby, you may have an interest in knowing what's new within this exciting world. If that's the case, be sure to keep reading, because Wink's Hobbies Ithaca hobby shop has lots of cool stuff to share with you!

The Estes Cox 1469 Tandem X Launch Set

This is currently the most popular model rocket set on the market. The reason is it's the perfect introduction to this awesome hobby. Not only is it designed to be manageable by beginners, but the set itself is a great value thanks to the fact that it actually contains two kits. Buying this set means you'll get the 15" Crossfire, as well as the very impressive 3' Amazon. Additionally, it comes with two parachutes and a launch pad.

Although the Crossfire is the smaller of the two rockets, it's actually the more advanced in terms of building. So for someone new to the model rocket hobby, they'll want to start with the Amazon. What's nice about this rocket is while it will give you a hands-on experience, it doesn't require special tools or paint. While rocket vets probably have those items sitting around, it would be just another hurdle for beginners to get over.

Keep in mind that just because this set is awesome for beginners doesn't mean hobbyists with more experience under their belts will automatically want to pass on it. Not only does the Crossfire require a little more work to get together, including sanding and painting, but pros can keep the Amazon around so they'll have a great tool if they ever want to teach this hobby to someone new.

Estes 2157 Saturn V Flying Model Rocket Kit

In addition to being a significant step up in price from the previous set, this rocket kit is also a major step up in skill level. A beginner who opened this kit would likely panic when they saw just how many pieces are inside. However, for those who have already built multiple model rockets, that may be exactly the type of challenge they're looking for.

Since the Saturn V took flight back in the sixties, there have actually been multiple versions of this model produced. So if you used to own this one but lost it as a result of a bad crash or simply getting left behind during a move, now is your chance to own it once again.

Estes 2162 Big Daddy Flying Model Rocket Kit

If you're looking for a rocket that can really pack some power, this one will do the trick. Thanks to the fact that it's got a 3" waist, you will not be disappointed by the performance this 20" tall rocket can put out.

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