October is a Good Time to Jump Start your RC Model Hobby at Winks Hobbies

October is a Good Time to Jump Start your RC Model Hobby at Winks Hobbies

Summer has flown by and we're now officially into Fall!  What a wonderful time of year to enjoy even more of the great outdoors. Venues are bursting withhobby shop in ithaca color, crisp air and fall scents of apples and pumpkin everything.

If you've found the summer too hot to be outside, then you will just love this autumn weather. Get outside and have some fun!  Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca encourages you to get going on your RC model hobby now. This is the perfect time to check out your models, make sure they are running properly, do any touch-ups or tinkering needed, and plan for your winter projects.

Make This October Burst With Excitement

Now you know there are going to be some new reveals coming soon in time for the holidays, but that shouldn't have you chomping at the bit and waiting.  Your RC models are sitting right there waiting for you to take them for a spin. 

Model airplanes seem to still be one of the most enjoyed remote control vehicles for many people. With all the new technology and models coming out over the past year or so, demand has been high. Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has the latest model airplanes, helicopters, drones, kits and parts to suit your needs.

Our staff is well-versed in how each remote control item works, runs and for what level of expertise. Maybe you've decided to try a more advanced model this year? Come on down and take a good look at the remote control vehicles we have in stock. Put your hands on them, look them over and feel their quality.

All our remote control hobby items are top-of-the-line and provide the best experience and entertainment, hands down. Got kids interested in doing what you do? This is a perfect hobby to share with your children and give them a lifetime of memories and enjoyment to pass down to their children, too!! ithaca hobby shop

As your Ithaca hobby shop, we welcome you and your family to come to our showroom and learn about the fascinating remote control hobby. RC model trucks, all-terrain vehicles, boats, model airplanes...all of these can bring a world of excitement and build a lifelong interest in the hobby.

Children are amazed at what real remote control models can do and how they can grow in the hobby. Our hope is to encourage more youngsters into joining in this fulfilling hobby which teaches so many things such as self-control, patience, responsibility, mechanics and even physics. It's scientific yet fun at the same time so children do not realize what they are learning. And you are their mentor in providing safety first, rules of operating, honesty and consideration of others and their property.

This Hobby is Lifelong

You've been interested and engaged in the RC hobby and know first-hand how fun and exciting it is. You probably worked your way up through the ranks from department store models, to pro models, Ready-to-Run kits, and perhaps are even building your own model. We have parts and accessories for most every model out there. Come on down and see what you could add to your current models to improve their performance. Wink's Hobby Shop in Ithaca is located right near downton Ithaca.