Start Your Summer Off With a Trip to Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca

Start Your Summer Off With a Trip to Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca

The start of summer is always a great time of year for RC model fans, because the weather is perfect for operating your favorite RC model trucks, cars, hobby shop in Ithacaplanes and other remote control vehicles. Beginning of summer is also a good time to attend to your models that need repair, and to discover new and exciting RC models to add to your ever-growing collection.

If you’re looking for a good hobby shop in Ithaca, look no further than Wink’s Hobbies in Ithaca where we maintain a supply of the most popular RC models that can add fun and depth to any collection. We’re fortunate to be located downtown on Court Street, an area that is convenient to get to from most surrounding areas. What you’ll find when you visit our showroom is aisles stacked with sleek looking vehicles by big names such as Axial, HPI, Team Associated and Traxxas. As a premier RC Ithaca hobby shop, Wink’s knows what you want and need in regards to quality.

Kicking It With Kits

And, while you’ll find plenty of snazzy remote controlled and radio controlled vehicles here, we also have a great selection for individuals who love building models. If you’re into building models, we know you’re looking for your next challenge. Many model kit builders enjoy starting a project at the Winks Hobby Shop in Ithacabeginning of summer and working on it for relaxation. The model kits we have on hand are geared towards race cars and trains, so if you’re into assembling these types of kits, we’re your best local resource.

Rocket n’ Roll

Launching space rockets into the air is one of the most fun things young people and adults do in their spare time. Rockets allow you to experience the power of high-speed aerodynamics in real time and it’s thrilling to watch them soar through the air. Some rocket enthusiasts are attaching mini cameras to their rockets, which records a birds-eye view of the entire flight.

Wink’s hobby shop in Ithaca has a supply of top-rate sophisticated rockets that offer various levels of high-flying action. We’re happy to chat with you more about these flying gems and are able to recommend ones that suit your personal preferences the best.

Get Those Repairs Done

It’s inevitable that some of your RC vehicles are going to need repair, because they all have intricate parts that can wear out over time. We carry a wide range of parts for RC cars, trucks, boats, rockets and trains. If your model is broken, but you’re not sure what type of part you need, contact us today and we’ll help you figure it out.

Stop by or contact Wink’s Hobbies today for all your RC vehicle and model kit needs.