What are the Latest Trends in the RC Industry?

What are the Latest Trends in the RC Industry?

Hobby shops in Ithaca have been selling various remote control toys for years. A few decades ago, there were two distinct markets within the RC industry – those who dedicated serious time and money in RC cars and trucks for racing, and those who purchased less expensive RC kits and vehicles such as rock crawlers for their kids to play with. Over the years, this has given way to trends taking RC activities off the tracks and into the big, wide world.

Off Roading Enthusiasm

Monster trucks are becoming more popular with a large segment of the hobby population because they’re so easy to use just about anywhere. You don’t have to go to a track to operate an RC truck, so you don’t have to worry about added fees. Tompkins county hobby shops like Wink’s offer a wide range of prices for off road trucks. It makes it easy to get started for yourself or with your kids at reasonable prices, then work up to more expensive models and features as you become proficient.

The versatility of RC off roading also makes it a great hobby for busy people – you can go virtually anywhere, including your own backyard, and find a great place to test your off-road mettle against uneven terrain. Being able to change up the scenery and explore new areas is another aspect of off road RC action that is sure to continue the trend toward this popular sport.

Racetracks Going Local

While some of the country’s largest RC tracks have closed in the past few years, many smaller scale, local tracks have picked up the slack. You can find numerous off road, dirt track and even carpet oval RC racecourses in New York and New Jersey that continue to host short track racing on a smaller scale than the mega races of the late 1990s. We like this trend because it encourages more local participation and allows more people to try out racing without having to travel great distances or shell out a ton of money for their first forays into RC racing. It’s sad to see the demise of major RC racetracks, but we’re hoping the local tracks will pick up the slack. While sponsored events are falling by the wayside, many hobby shops in Ithaca, including Wink’s Hobbies, can direct you toward regional tracks if racing is your thing.

Quadcopters and Drones

Quadcopters and drones are trending in a big way in the RC world. Once again, versatility is a key component of their popularity. You can fly them virtually anywhere and there are multiple price points for enthusiasts regardless of their budget. Add in the great maneuverability of quadcopters and drones and you have the ideal new RC toy for the next generation. 

Quadcopters are easier to fly than more traditional scale planes and can move about in ways no other RC craft – including helicopters – can maneuver. The multiple rotors also mean a quadcopter can pick up a fairly substantial payload, so carrying a small camera is easy and adds another element to the excitement of RC flying. Tompkins county hobby shops are carrying more quadcopters and drones than ever. This trend will continue to accelerate in the future, particularly with more models available that can be controlled from Smartphones.

As with any hobby, there are changes as some aspects trend and others become less popular. At Wink’s Hobbies, we will stay on top of these trends to ensure our customers will always be able to find the RC activities they crave.