Celebrate the Holidays With a Trip to Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca

Celebrate the Holidays With a Trip to Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca

When we were little, all we wanted for Christmas was our two front teeth. Those were the days, right? Times changes, interests change and we find out there are awesome hobbies to get involved with. RC models can bring years of fun and togetherness for the whole family.  Or it can be a relaxing and peaceful experience all by ourselves.

With the holidays upon us, there are sure to be special people on your list that would love a thoughtful and fun gift from your local Ithaca hobby shop. Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca has so many gifts, kits and accessories to choose from that you will be sure to find the perfect item whether it be model airplanes, RC model trucks, Ready to run kits, or upgrades to current collections.

Your Hobby Shop in Ithaca

We definitely have what you are looking for, and if you're not sure what to buy, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you. We can show you various levels of projects that can help a beginner get started or bring a huge smile to an experienced RC hobbiest.

This is the perfect time to introduce your children to the fun and joy of the RC hobby. Children revel in the excitement and experience of building and maintaining a remote controlled project vehicle.  Parents who play with their children develop deeper relationships and bonds. Working together on projects like RC models can go a long way to spending some unique quality time with your child.

Dads who are thrilled with working with RC airplanes find that they easily promote interest in the hobby among their children. This lends to an endless list of possible gift ideas for your child as he or she grows older and can handle more complex models.

Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca knows exactly how to get youngsters started and will show you some of the most popular and easy to use remote controlled items that will suit their age and ability. We have everything from basic vehicles to gas/fuel powered super models. Our RC model trucks are becoming a huge hit among all age groups and we encourage you to take a look at the available units in the store.

RC Hobbies for Everyone

Truly, the RC hobby has something for everyone. Many people have started off simply by building and painting models in their childhood. This led them to bigger items and remote controlled vehicles gained a vast amount of interest and support as people learned more about the fun and involvement in tweaking out their vehicles for maximum sport and enjoyment.

There are many places where RC hobbiests can get together and use their models together in open areas, on race tracks, and generally anywhere there's a bit of room. It's not unusual to  find a group flying model airplanes in the park, or driving their RC model trucks through a makeshift construction site.

Age is not an issue when it comes to enjoying this hobby. Youngsters from the age of 3 and up to grandparents have loved RC models for decades. It's a wonderful hobby that instills cooperation, skill, dexterity and science built in for excellent learning opportunities. Imagine teaching your youngster how to build a kit model, learn to paint and secure the pieces, and then the joy of seeing their face light up once they power up for the first time! There is nothing more priceless than that.

This Christmas visit your Ithaca hobby shop for some amazing deals and ideas for that special person on your gift list. Surprise them with something they've only been dreaming about owning and you will find that it will bring them hours and hours of pleasure. Happy Holidays to all of you from Wink's Hobbies in Ithaca.